Featured Snippet in SEO

What are Featured Snippets in SEO?

Simple Definition of a Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets in Google, also referred to as “direct answer” or “the answer box,” are short answers provided by Google immediately on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This is a practical attempt by Google to easily provide the most relevant answer to the user’s search query in a simple way right at the top of the SERP, thus avoiding the need to visit a website.

Here is Google’s explanation about Featured Snippets and your website.

What do Featured Snippets Look Like?

Featured snippets, which are displayed at the very top before the first search result, come in different forms. They can have one of the following forms:

  1. Paragraph Featured Snippets provide brief and concise information in a paragraph format.
  1. Table Featured Snippets provide the user with answers in a table format for better visualisation of comparisons.
  1. List Featured Snippets respond to search queries with either an ordered or unordered list.
  1. Video Featured Snippets show video results, usually from YouTube, as the best answer to “how to” queries. 

All of these Featured Snippets can potentially be accompanied by an image, either from the page Google is citing or from another website.

Here is an example of a paragraph featured snippet for the search query ‘‘what is Kalicube Pro:’’

Featured Snippets in SEO for a company
Example of Featured Snippets in SEO for a company

Here are other examples of the form of Featured Snippets.

Can I Dictate Google to Mark My Page as its Featured Snippet?

No, you can’t, because the Featured Snippets are automatically selected by Google’s algorithms from the multitude of pages and passages on the web that answer the user’s question. In other words, Google’s algorithms decide whether your page can be featured as a direct answer to a particular search query or not. 

Nevertheless, there are excellent opportunities to win a place at the top of the table.

Here is an article that explains techniques you can use to increase your chances of getting a Featured Snippet.

How do Featured Snippets Fit Into Brand SERP Optimisation?

Featured Snippets rarely appear for search queries that match the brand name exactly. Therefore, they are not a major focus for people, company owners and brand managers looking to optimise a Brand SERP

However, they often appear for queries about a brand or person, such as “who owns {brand}” or “when was {person} born”.As more and more users research companies and people through Google with various search queries like these instead of visiting the brand’s website,getting the Featured Snippet and dominating the SERP for these brand-related search queries through Featured Snippets is absolutely essential to brand management.

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