Maximize Your Reach and Reputation As An Author By Connecting Your Books to Your Knowledge Panel

What You Will Learn

It could be that as an author you have encountered one or more of the following problems with your Knowledge Panel:

  • You only have the name of your book in your Knowledge Panel
  • Some of your books are not included in your Knowledge Panel
  • None of your books are included in your Knowledge Panel

This case study has been specifically designed to help those who are struggling with the above issues that are hindering their Knowledge Panel from reaching its full potential.


Who is Scott Duffy?

Scott Duffy is an entrepreneur and business strategist. He is listed as a “Top 10 Speaker” by Entrepreneur, spoken at the NYSE and provided commentary in numerous media outlets including CNBC, FOX News, and CBS Radio. He is the best-selling author of “Breakthrough” and “Launch!” and was named one of the “Top Influential People To Follow” by Yahoo! Finance.

Scott subscribed to the Kalicube Pro Done For You service to optimise his Knowledge Panel, or more precisely, to include his books in it.

Common Pitfalls

Solutions to Common Issues with Scott Duffy’s Books

Scott Duffy has written three best-selling books but unfortunately, none of them was showing up on his Knowledge Panel.

This is not unique to Scott Duffy, but a constant problem for many authors where their books are displayed as a simple attribute in their Knowledge Panels, as a Filter Pill… or (worst of all) not at all.

Armando Lucas Correa has the Books Filter Pills but his books are not showing up as an attribute or as a visual that would be positively impactful to his Knowledge Panel.

Google’s Confusion with Another Scott Duffy

One problem Scott had was confusion caused by ambiguity. In Canada there is another prominent Scott Duffy who is not only an author but also an expert in software design and development. This meant that the problem was twofold since the “other” Scott Duffy is already considered an author and expert which means there is ambiguity, confusion and competition.


Updated Outdated Profiles

As a priority, we went to all the profiles where his books are listed and corrected the information there. Normally it would take a lot of time and effort to find such a list, but we retrieved it effortlessly from Kalicube Pro, which helped speed up the process of correcting every resource and thus expedited the updates to the Knowledge Panel – we saw wins in weeks, rather than months.

A Clear NLP-Optimised Description

In addition to updating and correcting his profiles, we also made sure that his Schema description is written in a way that ensures Google recognises all his books. Additionally, we tweaked the Schema description for all his books to explicitly state that this particular book was written by our Scott Duffy and not someone else.

It is extremely important that Google recognises both the right book and the right author, and the way Kalicube Pro communicates this directly to Google and in Google’s language is one of the strengths of the platform.

The book’s Entity Description analysis where Scott Duffy and Breakthrough were recognised by Google
What Happened Next

Positive Results After Months of Work

After we corrected the book and personal profiles and NLP-optimised description and added a “pretty bow” in the form of Kalicube Pro’s Schema Markup, we presented them to Google. 

As we all know, Google’s algorithm updates can be quite slow and unpredictable, so we waited for our gift to be opened. After 2 months waiting, we finally received our results.

What Were The Real Wins?

All Three Books Were Added to the Knowledge Panel

When Google saw the optimised Entity Descriptions for Scott and his books that explicitly explained the relationship between our Scott Duffy and his books, and once it had digested the corroborating sources of his updated profiles as confirmation, it was more than happy to make the change and display the books in the Knowledge Panel of their rightful author.

Mission accomplished 😀

Additional Wins on Scott Duffy’s Knowledge Panel:

We did not leave it at that. Optimising a Knowledge Panel always leads to a positive domino effect where everything falls into their respective places.

Became the Dominant Entity on Google SERPs

“I am competing with another Scott Duffy who has a very visible online presence. My Knowledge Panel does not appear in the Brand SERPs under my own name, but Kalicube has managed to get Google to give me preference over the other Scott Duffy!”

Scott Duffy, CEO and Founder of Academy Builders

Before we implemented the Kalicube Process for Knowledge Panels, searching for Scott Duffy returned this result: Google itself isn’t confident which Scott Duffy it should show to its users. 

As always, Google strives to give its users the best possible result. Therefore, it suggests that the user looks at the results for both Scott Duffys, as it is not sure which result it should display.

Once we optimised Scott Duffy’s Knowledge Panel, he became the Dominant Entity because we managed to build Google’s trust in his entity. Simply put, Google is sufficiently confident in the facts it has understood about “our” Scott Duffy and therefore favours him over the other Scott Duffy. Our Scott Duffy takes precedence on  a search on his name, and the other Scott Duffy takes second place as a See Results About.

Even more than the Schema Markup, consistently updating the profiles and descriptions was key here.

Triggered Filter Pills

Google seemed to be super-enthusiastic by our updates because not only did it show the books in Scott Duffy’s Knowledge Panel, it also triggered the Filter Pill for those books. Filter Pills in a Knowledge Panel offer Google’s user filtered vertical Brand SERP  results. 

At Kalicube we look at these Filter Pills as “your mini-website on Google”.

Triggered the Knowledge Panel Description

We also managed to get Kalicube’s NLP optimised description in his Knowledge Panel. It currently comes from his LinkedIn account, but we expect to go a step further and have the description be taken from his Entity Home.

Next Steps

Trigger More Filter Pills

We will not just leave it at books, there are oodles of Knowledge Panel Filter Pills just waiting to be triggered. For Scott Duffy, I think we can trigger Education, TV Shows (Business & Burgers), Interviews, and Videos for Scott as we expand his digital presence.

Trigger More Knowledge Panel Attributes

Scott Duffy currently has two attributes on his Knowledge Panel, we can trigger more like TV Shows (Business & Burgers), Education, Relationships, and many more!


Google is Your New Business Card

“The Kalicube team provided me with clear and simple instructions. They even provided me with a personalised video tutorial divided into clear sections and timings, which made it even easier to follow their instructions and make the right changes.
The timelines they gave me were very precise. Within a year, my Knowledge Panel was transformed into the perfect Google business card that appeals to my prospects and converts them to clients.”

Scott Duffy, CEO and Founder of Academy Builders

As we move more and more towards global digitisation, few people now use offline means to research for someone or something. The typical response to your curiosity when you see something that has piqued your interest, whether offline or online, is to pick up your phone or laptop and Google it. 

This means that a positive, accurate and convincing Google search result for your name is the single most important thing to consider when thinking about your digital marketing strategy. An optimised Knowledge Panel is probably the best way to achieve just that, because a full-featured Knowledge Panel covers a vast amount of SERP Real Estate. Sometimes it can cover 100% above the fold and contains everything your audience needs to know about you.

Caption: An example of a fully optimised Knowledge Panel that covers 100% of the SERP above the fold for a Google Search on “Who is Jason Barnard”.

Why Is This Especially Important for Authors?

The fact that your books are displayed in your Knowledge Panel means that Google has given you a seal of approval and authenticity as an author.

Think of it as a kind of mini-bookstore where your book is on a Google-approved shelf. This space is a great way to increase your credibility, expand your digital presence, and grow your reach, which in turn will lead to more exposure and more sales of your books.

Can Only Famous Authors Have Their Books Displayed in Their Knowledge Panels?

A clear no 🙂 As with Scott Duffy, who is considered an entrepreneur by Google, as the Subtitle in his Knowledge Panel shows. As long as you have written and published at least  one book, it is possible to add them to your Knowledge Panel, no matter what you do. You can be an athlete who has published your autobiography and still add that book to your Knowledge Panel!

List of all wins:

  • Added Scott Duffy’s books to his Knowledge Panel
  • Won the tug of war and became the dominant entity over the other Scott Duffy
  • Triggered the “Books” Filter Pills in Scott’s Knowledge Panel
  • Triggered the description in his Knowledge Panel

If you are still struggling with your books, you can contact us to discuss how Kalicube Pro SaaS can help you connect them!

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