Kalicube Pro SaaS – ORM, PR and Entity SEO for Agencies (Presentation)

For brand managers, PR, ORM and Digital Marketing agencies who already have the “Brand SERP skillset”, we offer an amazing BrandTech SaaS platform: Kalicube Pro. In the platform, you’ll find absolutely everything I know: every latest tip, trick and technique I’ve figured out that will enable you to optimise a Brand SERP or manage a Knowledge Panel more efficiently and effectively for your clients. And it is all available in one super-smart BrandTech platform. 

Kalicube Pro is the perfect SaaS solution for your agency if you’re optimising Brand SERPs and triggering or managing Knowledge Panels for your clients. It’s the perfect platform for you if you are a brand manager, Online Reputation expert, Public Relations specialist, or if you are an Entity SEO geek… in short Kalicube Pro is the perfect BrandTech platform if you are managing what Koray Gubur calls your “Entity Identity”. 

The Kalicube Pro platform provides you with comprehensive Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel tracking, unbelievable insights, great reporting features, task lists, plus self-service help and advice about the specific challenges and problems each client is facing.

I started building the platform in 2015 and it has been a labour of love. Over 10,000 hours of development have gone into it, and the database contains literally hundreds of millions of data points about Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels. As you can see, the geek in me gets over-excited about the Kalicube Pro platform 🙂

The platform will enable you to quickly provide your clients with measurable improvements to their Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels… and ultimately hand them control of their Brand message on Google.

Kalicube Pro is a massive time-saver on the work you already know how to do, but it also provides standardised KPIs and simple reporting for your clients that clearly demonstrate your progress… the big, big bonus is that it will also provide you with a constant stream of new techniques you didn’t previously know because I am constantly integrating into the platform everything I learn about the tweaks, tactics and strategies that truly work. That unique combination of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness will keep you WAY ahead of the competition.

The platform is by invitation only, so if you’re an agency and you want to start using it, please do contact me so that we can discuss what Kalicube Pro can do to help you to help your clients.

You can search “Kalicube Pro” on Google or visit kalicube.pro to find out more about the platform, or reach out to me by email or on social media and set up a meeting 🙂

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