Why You Shouldn't Start with Wikipedia if You Want to Get a Knowledge Panel

How to Optimize Your Brand’s Search Results? | The Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard Hosted by Nishant Garg from WhatMarketWants

In this clip, Jason Barnard explains why Wikipedia is not a good approach for Knowledge Panels for most companies. A Wikipedia strategy is only a good strategy if the company is truly notable according to Wikipedia’s guidelines. Watch this episode to learn why.

00:00 Digital reputation
00:23 Wikipedia is for notable companies
00:47 Google doesn’t have that aspect of notability

Transcript from: Why You Shouldn’t Start with Wikipedia if You Want to Get a Knowledge Panel

Jason Barnard: …digital reputation. And that will be reflected in Google when your audience searches your name.

Nishant Garg: So, how does a brand get featured in a search engine’s Knowledge Panel? What is the process?

Jason Barnard: A lot of people go for Wikipedia. It’s not necessary and it’s actually not a very good strategy for most companies. The thing about Wikipedia is that it’s for notable companies, and a notable company is a company that has changed it’s Industry.

It’s unlikely that your company has changed your industry fundamentally. So in terms of, Will Wikipedia accept to create a page for your company? The answer is probably no. And if you create it yourself, they will probably delete it because you don’t deserve that place. But Google doesn’t have that aspect of Notability. It just wants to understand it’s the child that wants to understand.

Here is Kalicube’s list of sources you can use as inspiration to find the places Google trusts to gain your place in the Knowledge Graph and trigger a Knowledge Panel.

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