Sources for Knowledge Panel Descriptions

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Where Does Google Get the Knowledge Panel Description?

About 65% of Knowledge Panel Descriptions are from Wikipedia and 20% of Knowledge Panels do not contain a description. The remaining 15% of descriptions are taken from sources that Google sees as Authoritative and Trustworthy for the entity

Outside Wikipedia, sources vary enormously but sites such as,, and tend to dominate.

Sources for Google Knowledge Panel Descriptions – data from Kalicube Pro

A site that is not generally considered to be authoritative can provide a Knowledge Panel Description if it is trusted and authoritative for the specific entity. For example, Kalicube sites have provided Knowledge Panel Descriptions for 20 distinct Entities, including Jason Barnard and Kalicube.

At Kalicube we maintain a list of Knowledge Panel Description sources (aka Trusted Sources). This list is updated daily, but covers only a part of the data in Kalicube’s database. Since 2017, we have tracked and tagged over 40,000 domains that have contributed at least one Knowledge Panel Description.

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