Brand SERP Optimization: Taking Marketing To The Next Level By Optimizing Your Online Business Profile With Jason Barnard 4 January 2022

What are Some of the First Steps When Optimizing Your Brand SERP?

What are Some of the First Steps When Optimizing Your Brand SERP?

In this clip, Jason Barnard explains the importance of Brand SERPs for any business. He also explains some of the first, simple steps you should take when optimizing your Brand SERP. If you are a local business, the first thing you need to do is optimize your Google Business Profile (Google My Business). You need to put all the relevant and helpful business details there, as you have direct control over it. Next, you should look at your website, starting with the Meta Title and Meta Description on the homepage.

00:00 Google reflects world’s opinion of you
00:23 Building your own brand message
01:03 Best practices for Brand SERP Optimisation

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Google’s a reflection of the world’s opinion of you. And so, if you look at what appears when you search your brand name on Google or indeed on Bing, you can immediately get an insight into how the world perceives you. And then you can start to build on that, to build a better perception, a perception that corresponds more to your own brand message. And you’d be surprised how many businesses, (big businesses as well), don’t have their brand message reflected accurately, positively and convincingly on their Brand SERP.

Yeah. So you call it Brand SERP. I’m learning something new here. I would have said Brand S.E.R.P.. What are some best practices?

Right? Well, just the S.E.R.P., you’re actually right. It should be that, I just get lazy.

Okay. Fair enough. That’s efficient! Not lazy. Efficient. Brilliant. Sorry. I missed the question because I interrupted you.

No, it’s all good. No worries. So yeah, what are some best practices that people should be employing when they are crafting their Brand SERP, as you call it?

Right. Yeah. If you’re a local business, first thing, make your Google My Business, (now known as Google Business Profile) as lovely as possible. Fill in all the different things (information) that they give you the opportunity to provide because that’s direct control you have over what appears. Next step is: look at your own website. Look at the Homepage because that’s what should be appearing right at the top. If it’s appearing right at the top, you want to make sure that the title, the blue link that Google shows, and the description underneath really represent your business. And that’s going to be looking at your Meta Title and Meta Description, which is a little bit geeky and technical, but if you’re using WordPress or Wix, there’s actually just a field that says SEO title. It’s called the SEO title in normal parlance. But in Google terms, it’s actually called a Meta Title and Meta Description. So you fill in the SEO title, SEO description. So that Google knows what you want it to show your audience. And that’s the big failing: Most businesses don’t even let Google know what they want it to show. Right. Because if it doesn’t know what you want it to show, it’s going to make it up. And if it makes it up, it’s not going to correspond to what you wanted.

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