Entity Home Maintenance in Digital Brand Management: What you Need to Know

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In this article you will learn what Entity Home Maintenance is, why it is important and how you can achieve optimal results with an appropriate Entity Home Maintenance strategy.

What is Entity Home Maintenance in Digital Brand Management?

The focal point for managing managing the digital presence of your brand (person, company, podcast etc) is the Entity Home. The Entity Home is the webpage online that provides information about the entity, provided by the entity itself (brand, person, company, product, podcast etc.). It should therefore be on a first party site.

Here is an example of an Entity Home. In this case, the about page on kalicube.pro website. It might not be pretty, but it is hugely effective. One reason we recommend using the AboutPage as the Entity Home is that you can focus on efficiency and effectiveness.

Kalicube Pro entity home
Example of an Entity Home

Why is The Entity Home Important?

The Tech Giants (Google, Microsoft Bing, Amazon, Apple etc) are all building Knowledge Graphs. These Knowledge Graphs a machine readable understanding of the world , much like Wikipeidia but millions of times bigger. They aim to catalog and understand everything. Including you, your company, your boss, your podcast, your products, your partners and your clients.

They need a reference point for what they call “reconciliation”. That reference point is called the Entity Home. Read more about how to establish your Entity Home here >>

What Should the Entity Home Contain?

The Entity Home (aka point of reconciliation in Google-speak) needs to provide a clear, complete, accurate and up to date overview of the facts about the entity.

What Does Entity Home Maintenance Entail?

Entity Home Maintenance simply means keeping that information up to date as the facts evolve over time (a new job for a person, an award, a change of address, a new brand message for a company etc).

Additionally, Entity Home Maintenance can (and ideally should) also include improving the clarity and completeness of the information provided. This involves expanding Schema.org Markup as that vocabulary grows, and also tweaking the copywriting in the page itself to benefit from improvements in the capacity of the tech giants’ Knowledge Algorithms to understand.

How Does Entity Home Maintenance Help with Digital Brand Management?

What is the Biggest Challenge in Digital Brand Management?

Digital Brand Management is a vast topic and a huge challenge. The first, and most important, step is to define the brand’s digital ecosystem. Then the brand needs to define a prioritised plan of action to manage and optimise it. But the digital ecosystem is absolutely everything said by or about the brand online. That includes the brand’s websites, social media, brand profile pages, articles, reviews, forums, press, and other brand mentions.

There are many tools and platforms that attempt to provide a detailed analysis of the brand’s digital ecosystem, but they generally give only a partial view because they only track one or two sources (perhaps just reviews, or social media, or PR). Furthermore, they will be unable to reliably and simply prioritise.

At Kalicube, we have developed a proprietary platform (Kalicube Pro) that uses the simple concept of “just ask Google”.

We leverage branded Google Search results to uncover all the important elements and prioritise them according to Google’s perception using our proprietary algorithms.

By doing this, we can develop strategies that vastly outperform the competition on both completeness and focussed prioritisation.

Watch Kalicube Pro build a detailed digital ecosystem for a personal brand in just 10 minutes >>

Kalicube Pro builds a detailed digital ecosystem for a personal brand in just 10 minutes

The Kalicube Process is the Simple Solution to Digital Brand Management

At Kalicube, we have been helping companies and people to manage their brand online since 2013. We specialise in managing brand narrative and increasing brand visibility on Google Search.

We built Kalicube Pro in order to better serve our clients by providing a reliable system for tracking, analysing and prioritising tasks for optimising their digital ecosystem.

And then we created the Kalicube Process that simplifies the work of digital brand management. And the Kalicube process works for any ‘brand’ including people, companies, local businesses, products, music groups, films and podcasts.

Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels

The Kalicube Process focusses on three things:

  1. The Brand SERP;
  2. The Knowledge Panel;
  3. The Entity Home.

Brand SERP

A Brand SERP is the Google Search result for your brand name. A Knowledge Panel is the information box you see on a Brand SERP for major companies such as IBM and famous people like Bill Gates.

The Brand SERP is a representation of Google’s analysis of the world’s opinion of you.

Knowledge Panel

The Knowledge Panel is a measurement of it’s understanding of the facts about you. The Entity Home is the opportunity for you to manage both.

The Entity Home

At its core, the Kalicube Process focusses on the Entity Home. Your Entity Home is the fulcrum that allows you to manage:

  1. Your online brand narrative (digital brand management)
  2. Your Entity Identity for SEO
  3. Your Online Reputation (ORM)

The Kalicube Process Brings Together the Brand SERP, Knowledge Panel and Entity Home

The Kalicube Process is the simplest and most efficient approach to digital brand management, and indeed executing an effective global digital marketing strategy.

If you would like us to help you with your strategy, we have Kalicube’s Done-for-You services 🙂 Who better than the Kalicube team to implement the Kalicube Process efficiently, effectively and emphatically for you?

By leveraging the full power of the data in the Kalicube Pro platform, we will get you total dominance and control of your Brand SERP(s) and Knowledge Panel(s) in just a few months.

Learn more about Kalicube’s Done-for-You services here >>

Do you want to build your Knowledge Panel using The Kalicube Process? 

Knowledge Panel Checklist
Knowledge Panel Checklist

Free DIY option: download our free Knowledge Panel checklist, where Knowledge Panel expert Jason Barnard reveals how we use the Kalicube Process to trigger and manage Knowledge Panels for our clients.

Kalicube’s Knowledge Panel Checklist Free Download >>

If you need help for getting your Knowledge Panel, Kalicube offers a package consultancy + SaaS deal or a Done-for-You services.

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