Machine Learning is a Fast-Moving and Relatively New Field

Learn How Predictive SEO Impacts the Future of SEO with Rebecca Berbel 07 December 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Rebecca Berbel talks about what is happening in Machine Learning, including explainability and the possibility of data-sharing. This clip is a continuation of this great clip: Make sure you have watched the first clip.

00:00 Papers on Machine Learning Explainability
00:14 ML is a relatively new field
00:32 The future of using other people’s data

Transcript from: Machine Learning is a Fast-Moving and Relatively New Field

There are papers on (Machine Learning) Explainability from 2017, 2018, 2020. So this is a field that is just exploding at the moment. And even the founding schools of thought are from less than 10 years ago. So we are in a fast moving field, but we aren’t necessarily there yet. So when we’re talking about using other people’s data, this might be something that’s going to happen in two years or in five years but it’s not for tomorrow. So don’t worry about other people cleaning their data yet.

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