Different Page Types Have Different SEO Priorities

Different Page Types Have Different SEO Priorities

Learn How Predictive SEO Impacts the Future of SEO with Rebecca Berbel 07 December 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

Each type of page on a website needs a different SEO approach. In this clip, Rebecca Berbel explains that each page-type serves different intent, has different technical aspects, has specific content needs… and so the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) needs and priorities for each is different. Not to mention that each is interpreted differently by Google.

00:00 Every page is different
00:18 Pages respond according to intent
00:47 Google rank pages differently
00:59 Rank pages for different intents and ways

Transcript from: Different Page Types Have Different SEO Priorities

Well, every type of page is different. So let’s take an example… an e-commerce site. You might have your category pages. You might have a blog and you might have product pages. Each of those pages is going to respond to a different type of intent. It’s going to have a different template behind it. So it’s going to have different technical SEO issues; the speed to load a product page with the probability that it doesn’t load correctly is going to be different than the same thing on a category page. The information is coming from different places. Your blog page might not use JavaScript, but your category page probably does. So these pages are going to rank differently. They are going to be read differently by Google. And so to me, it’s obvious that you need to treat them differently, ranking them for different intents. You’re trying to promote them at different times in different ways…

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