Content Based SEO – A Smarter Way to Build Your Brand (Lorraine Ball and Jason Barnard)

content based seo with lorraine ball

How to connect who you are to your content?

In this short video clip, Lorraine Ball explains how Content Based SEO helps with Branded Search. Lorraine shares how Google represents her to her audience by linking to various content such as YouTube videos, articles, and websites with her name. And she further explains where and how to do it. Watch the video right to the end.

  • 00:00 Content Based SEO help with Branded Search
  • 00:23 Adding your name to the content
  • 01:30 Tying who you are to your content through the title or meta description

Transcript from: What are Some of the First Steps When Optimizing Your Brand SERP?

Jason Barnard: Question 1: How can Content Based SEO help with Branded Search?
Question 2: How does Branded Search tie in with Content Based SEO? For you, this is relatively simple compared to a lot of the other guests. How do we tie your work into Branded Search?

Lorraine Ball: I think one of the biggest things is, to add your name to the content. I started doing this with a lot of my videos on YouTube which then linked to my website. In the title, I was doing just the title of the episode. And now it’s whatever the episode is “with Lorraine Ball”. I am tying the content to me. When I do an article, I authored by Lorraine Ball. In the meta description, the piece of that article that Google grabs and then shows to somebody who’s doing a search for a question, it will say something like, Lorraine Ball recommends…

One tip from Lorraine Ball is… And I’m actually having to go back now and edit those meta descriptions. But if you wanna tie who you are to your content, the meta description, the title that’s where you do it.

Jason Barnard: Which is absolutely brilliant. Interesting enough. That’s something I advise my clients to do, which is answered by company name or answered by person’s name. And I’ve forgotten to do it on our own website. Quick message to Jean Marie, we need to go back through all of our FAQs, all our question and answers and add that branding in, which I’d completely forgotten. So thank you for reminding me about that. And the other nice thing is that, Maria who organizes the podcast, reminded me to keep With Jason Barnard… in the title. Genius Maria. Wonderful Lorraine Ball. That was absolutely delightful…

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