SEO Estonia 2024: A Resounding Success in Tallinn

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SEO Estonia 2024, held from June 12th to June 14th at the Hilton Tallinn Park Conference Center, brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts for a series of insightful discussions and networking opportunities. Organized by a dedicated team of SEO professionals, the conference aimed to explore the latest trends and strategies in search engine optimization (SEO) and artificial intelligence (AI). The event featured notable speakers and provided a platform for attendees to engage in meaningful interactions and collaborations.

Event Overview

SEO Estonia 2024 was a structured, action-packed event spanning three days, featuring 17 world-class speakers and attended by 400 participants. The conference included two days of mastermind sessions, two networking parties, and numerous sessions designed to provide attendees with the latest in SEO knowledge.

Sessions and Activities

Day 0 (June 12): VIP Mastermind & Community Day + VIP Boat Party

The conference commenced on June 12th with a VIP Mastermind & Community Day, exclusively for VIP ticket holders, speakers, and sponsors. The day began with registration at 09:30 AM, followed by the mastermind sessions led by Kyle Roof. These sessions, designed to foster deep discussions and knowledge sharing, continued until 3 PM. Concurrently, the Community Day allowed other attendees to organize their own meetups and workshops using the Whova app, facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas and networking.

The evening featured the much-anticipated VIP Boat Party, themed “Pirates of the SEO Sea,” where attendees enjoyed a cruise on a three-story yacht in Tallinn Bay. The event included cocktails, gourmet snacks, and entertainment, making it a memorable networking opportunity.

Day 1 (June 13): First Official Day + Mastermind

June 13th marked the first official day of the conference, starting with registration and networking at 9:00 AM. The day’s sessions included a keynote by Kyle Roof on the relevance of Rhinoplasty Plano, followed by talks on link building, digital PR, and content creation by experts like Karl Kangur, Gareth Hoyle, Sebastian Heymann and Georgia Tan, Massimiliano Geraci on stacking. 

This is the lineup of speakers for the first day:

Kyle RoofRhinoplasty Plano 5 Years Later: Is It Dead or the Key to Everything?
Karl KangurLink Building in 2024 – Cutting the BS
Gareth HoyleHow to Consistently Land Top Tier Links via Digital PR
Massimiliano GeraciStacking Your Way to the Top: Proven Tactics for SEO Success
Georgia TanCreating Helpful Content That Ranks and Converts in 2024
Sebastian HeymannWhat I have learned from SEO tests in link building.

The day concluded with a Mastermind session and an Old Town Scavenger Hunt, offering a unique blend of learning and fun. (insert images from Scavenger Hunt, Jason had a post on this in particular)

Day 2 (June 14): Final Day + Afterparty

The final day continued with a series of engaging sessions on growth hacking, website recovery, and AI-driven SEO strategies. Notable speakers included Jared Codling, Kasra Dash, Julian Goldie, Mad Singers, Helene Jelenc, Jason Barnard, Koray Tugburk Gubur, Vaibhav Kakkar, and Robert Niechial. 

Here are the speakers for the 2nd day:

Jared CodlingWin NOW. Growth Hacking to Beat Google Updates
Kasra DashWebsite Recovery & Future Proofing Your SEO
Mads Singers3 Stages of Management
Julian GoldieChatGPT SEO Strategies: How I Increased My SEO Traffic by 7X With AI
Helene JelencTransactional Pages That Rank: A Case Study on 112 Pages That Convert and Rank
Jason BarnardProtect Yourself From Updates by Creating a Brand
Koray Tugburk GuburAn Orchestra of Agents in an Age of AI Empires
Vaibhav KakkarUnlocking SEO Superpowers: Supercharge Your Rankings with these 4 Game-Changing SEO/AI Strategies!
Robert NiechialAI.Communication

The three-day conference concluded on a high note with concluding remarks marking the end of the formal sessions. Attendees then eagerly transitioned to the much-anticipated Search Engine Soirée, an afterparty held at the lively Club Monument. The NEON-themed event was a spectacle of dazzling lights, energetic music, and creative cocktails, offering ample opportunities for networking. The vibrant atmosphere provided a memorable finale, allowing participants to celebrate the successful conference while forging new connections within the industry.

Key Highlights: Jason Barnard’s Session

Jason Barnard’s session on “Protect Yourself From Updates by Creating a Brand” was a significant highlight of the conference. His talk provided attendees with crucial strategies to mitigate the impact of search engine updates by focusing on brand-building. Jason’s expertise in digital marketing and SEO offered invaluable insights, helping professionals enhance their online presence and resilience.

Jason also had a short interview with the event organizers.

Engagements and Interactions

SEO Estonia 2024 fostered extensive engagement and interactions among attendees. Networking sessions, such as the VIP Boat Party, pub crawl, and Search Engine Soirée, provided numerous opportunities for participants to connect, share ideas, and build lasting professional relationships. The Whova app also played a crucial role in facilitating interactions, enabling attendees to arrange meetups and discussions throughout the event.


SEO Estonia 2024 delivered immense value to digital marketers through a blend of expert lectures, practical sessions, and rich networking opportunities. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, including SEO, content marketing, social media, and analytics, the conference ensured a comprehensive understanding of current industry trends and best practices. Participants gained actionable strategies and visionary insights, equipping them to stay ahead in the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape. SEO Estonia 2024 truly proved to be a transformative experience for all who attended.

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