What is a SERP on Google, and Why do you Want to Be on Top?

What is a SERP on Google, and Why do you Want to Be on Top?

Brand SERP Optimization: Taking Marketing To The Next Level By Optimizing Your Online Business Profile With Jason Barnard 4 January 2022

In this clip, Jason Barnard explains what a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is and explains that SERPs are incredibly important to every business online because, when you are on top, they drive sales and growth for your business. Then at the end, Jason gives an interesting twist to the conversation by explaining what a Brand SERP is and why THAT is vital to your bottom line. Watch until the end!

00:00 Meaning of SERP
01:10 Focusing on brand instead of products
01:20 Brand SERP as Google business card

Transcript from: What is a SERP on Google, and Why do you Want to be on Top?

I don’t even know what SERP is. What does it stand for?

Yeah, it’s a really good question simply because I forget that other people don’t necessarily know what it is. SERP is Search Engine Results Page. So it’s what you see on Google or on Bing or on Yahoo when you make a search. So, if somebody searches for “red shoes”, they will see a Search Engine Results Page about red shoes.

That’s interesting. All right. So you figured out that, Hey! There’s a Search Engine Results Page. How did you turn that into a business? And how did you figure it out?

There are loads of people who focus on getting businesses to the top of the Search Engine Results Page for terms like “buy red shoes” because businesses obviously know that if they can get to the top of Google for “buy red shoes” and they’re selling red shoes, they will sell more red shoes. So it’s a great opportunity to push your products out to Google’s audience (Google’s users) and the twist I’ve taken on it that I don’t think anybody else in the world (in my world at least has taken) is to say, “I don’t want to focus on products. I want to focus on the brand itself.” What does your audience see when they google your brand name? When they search your brand name on Google? And for me, it’s your Google business card because your audience are going to google your brand name at some point in their journey. So that’s phenomenally important, whatever business you’re in.

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