Google’s Knowledge Panel Algorithm – What You Need to Know

Google Knowledge Panel Algorithm

What is Google’s Knowledge Panel Algorithm?

The Knowledge Panel Algorithm determines what can be shown in the Knowledge Panel of an Entity on Google’s SERPs.

It uses a mixture of data from Google’s various Vertical Knowledge Graphs, and information extracted from Google’s Web Index to build a Knowledge Panel. The elements it includes will depend on:

  1. its understanding of the fact about the Entity,
  2. its confidence in that understanding,
  3. the helpfulness of the information to Google’s user.

The role of the Knowledge Panel in a SERP is to provide the user with a summary of factual information about an Entity without having to visit multiple webpages. As such, much of the information displayed is found in the pages behind the blue links results. 

In the Knowledge Panel Course in the Kalicube Academy we cover how this Knowledge Panel Algorithm functions and strategies you can use to feed it with factual information about an Entity.

Google Knowledge Panel Illustration
Google Knowledge Panel

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