Monetization Strategies for Your Amazing Content

Monetization Strategies for Your Amazing Content

Funding CEO Academy Founder’s Leo Kanell with Jason Barnard on Kalicube Tuesdays Livestream Series

In this clip, Jason Barnard tells the story of his journey as an entrepreneur: how he and his wife created a wildly successful cartoon website and TV series for children and built a monetization strategy around quality content that generated significant income simply by attracting millions of visitors every month.

00:00 Applying the “Dual Model”
00:43 Giving out choices
00:53 Paying for the advertisements

Transcript from: Monetization Strategies for Your Amazing Content

Profit of $35,000 a month. So how did you monetize that?

You’re creating amazing content for children, then how did you monetize it?

We had a dual model. We had advertising, it was free but you had advertising and we made very small sums of money from that on each visitor. But we had such volume that the sums of money added up quite quickly and then we said to parents, advertisements on the content for your children isn’t necessarily what you want. If you pay a subscription we will remove the ads, put this full screen. It will become basically a CD ROM for kids.

We were saying to parents, you have the choice. And the choice was, I’d love to say 50/50 because I would be a very rich person today. But it definitely wasn’t. Parents would complain about the adverts, but they wouldn’t actually pay to get rid of them. Which is an interesting fact that I hadn’t thought of before.

The number of parents who would actually pay to get rid of these adverts. And remember these kids were visiting 20 minutes on an average per visit. And they were spending, maybe four or five hours a month on the site. And what years were you running this? So you started in 2008… or when did you guys start? No, we started in 1998 and we ended.

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