The First Easy Win to Optimise on a Brand SERP

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What is the First Easy Win to Optimise a Brand SERP?

After the obvious candidate (your homepage), the first, easy “win” to work on are your “Rich Sitelinks“. Many people don’t see these as important, nor count these as SERP Features or Rich Elements. However, in the context of your Brand SERP, they are phenomenally powerful, helpful and need to be looked after by you!

Rich Sitelinks on Kalicube's Brand SERP

Control is Key on Brand SERPs

You want to control as much of your Brand SERP as possible. Maximising your control gives you more, easier and faster opportunities to improve results and optimise what you audience sees when they google your brand name.

Check out how the company Black Forest Wood takes a strong control of its Brand SERP and’s astonishing job in almost completely owning their Brand SERP.

First Things First: Your Homepage

Improving the meta title and meta description for your homepage is a no-brainer you have hopefully already completed. You control that information right at the top of your Brand SERP, so it would be foolish not to take full advantage of that.

Next: How to Improve Your Rich Sitelinks?

Next on your list should be Rich Sitelinks. Because they come from your own site, you have 100% control here too. And one aspect is better than the homepage: they take up a lot of SERP real estate – up to 25% of the entire Brand SERP.

You should improve not just the meta title and description of all of the pages that are candidates to be included in your Rich Sitelinks such as about, clients, contact us, login, careers… etc. These are traditionally overlooked in SEO, which is a big “miss” in Brand SERP world!

Remember, you control these results and they are very visible, right at the top. You can change them as you wish. You can change your brand message literally in a day by changing these pages and resubmitting them to Google.

About 60% of brands have Rich Sitelinks. There is no reason on earth why you should not have Rich Sitelinks on your Brand SERP.

SEO Tip if You Don’t Have Rich Sitelinks

If you don’t have Rich Sitelinks on your Brand SERP, it could be a sign of a deeper issue. Take a deeper look at your website and you will probably see that there is a problem with one or more of the following: siloing, navigation, internal linking or redirects.

So if you don’t have them, that could be a heads up and an insight into the technical issues that your site might potentially have. At Kalicube, we have used this analysis multiple times for clients and we’ve not only got them Rich Sitelinks, but also improved silong, navigation, and crawlability. Google is happy. You’re happy. Your visitors are happy.

Everybody is happy.

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