Why Focus on Users’ Brand Queries and Pull Queries

Why Focus on Users' Brand Queries and Pull Queries

Kalicube Tuesdays with Tim Soulo and Jason Barnard 22 March 2022 at 11 H CET (Paris)

In this short video clip, Jason Barnard explains the importance of “Pull Queries or Brand Queries” to determine the current state of a particular brand. Jason Barnard also talks about how Brand SERPs are useful, helpful, and relevant to the users or why Google considers them pertinent, user-friendly, and valuable to your audience, including the Rich Sitelinks Google displays in a SERP. Watch the video right to the end.

00:00 Pull Queries is also Brand Queries
00:14 Focusing on the users
00:20 Usefulness and relevance to users
00:30 Using article about Rich Sitelinks as example

Transcript from: Why Focus on Users’ Brand Queries and Pull Queries

Jason Barnard: That’s absolutely brilliant…and the other thing is focusing on the user. It’s just occurred to me,John Mueller talks about Pull Queries, which is Brand Queries, and he says, people aren’t focusing enough on that, and you really need to start focusing on that, which is great for me. But when I look at Brand SERPs, the only thing I do is think, why is this useful, helpful, and relevant to the user? Or at least “why does Google think it’s relevant and helpful and valuable to your audience – who are a subset of its users? And I’m writing an article right now for Wix about Rich Sitelinks and they seem so boring: those big sitelinks that we showed earlier on at Ahrefs. But there’s so many insights you can get from that: What is Google thinking? How is Google approaching this? And what are my audience actually looking for? Sorry. I’m once again having a rant.

Tim Soulo: No, not a problem. It’s very on point. And it’s funny, you mentioned Wix because it gives me a great bridge…

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