Three Great Reasons Why You Should Control PAA Questions on Your Brand SERP

Why Is It Important to Control People Also Ask in Brand SERP?

Having control over questions on your brand is fundamentally important to your Brand SERP and overall SEO strategy. In this short introductory article, you will learn 3 great reasons why you need to control PAA questions for your brand.

1) Control. You want to control the message on your Brand SERP as much as you possibly can. These PAA boxes give multiple opportunities for you to lose that control, if you don’t provide the answers to the questions that appear in People Also Ask, you are losing control of your message, you are losing the thread of your own story and letting somebody else tell your story to your audience.
2) Accuracy. The answers that appear might not be correct, that’s a pity especially if the questions are about your brand or your product.
3) Distraction. These questions can potentially distract people and move them away from focusing on your brand. The questions could start a new train of thought and perhaps move them onto another site… possibly a direct competitor. And remember anyone who Googles your brand name is at a critical stage of their relationship with you. They’re navigating to your site or they are researching you and you really want to keep them 100% focused on you and the solutions you can bring them.

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