Your Personality Will Help Build You Brand So Don’t Be Shy

Your Personality Will Help Build You Brand So Don't Be Shy

Expert Tips on Branding and Growing Your Business with Winnie Sun 28 December 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

Whatever your personality, if it resonates with your audience then it will help drive your business. Winnie Sun and Jason Barnard discuss their personalities and the color crossover – red! Watch this inspirational clip.

00:00 Use brand as part of your personality
00:15 Personality will help build brand
00:48 The unexpected color crossover

Transcript from: Your Personality Will Help Build You Brand so Don’t Be Shy

But there’s much more to me than that. And you’re saying, be proud and present it to people and use it as part of your personality, which is going to build your brand and help you build your company. Yes, because I would love it. I love the fact that you’re a musician. I love the fact that you’re singer at the beginning. I think you’re so memorable and interesting also it makes you more human than just…

Memorable despite we’re wearing the same clothes… We probably planned a little bit. No. Kidding. We didn’t.

Well actually, the graphic designer chose the red color for this episode because of your red shirt and my red shirt, and we were hoping you would wear the red shirt. So we’re terribly pleased. And at the end, we’ve got a real “red-out”. I think we can call it with Lydia Infante, but we’ll come to that in a moment.

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