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The Knowledge Graph helps Google better understand your search query, so we can summarize relevant content on that topic, including the most important facts you’re likely to need for that particular thing.

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  2. Google’s Knowledge Graph API: What You Need To Know: here’s an article from Kalicube about Google’s Knowledge Graph API Return.
  3. How Google’s Knowledge Graph works: this article from Google explains how the Knowledge Graph works. It answers the questions where do Knowledge Graph facts come from, how does Google correct or remove Knowledge Graph information, and how to request a Knowledge Panel change or report a Knowledge Graph issue.
  4. How to Get Your Brand in Google’s Knowledge Graph Without a Wikipedia Page: Without a Wikipedia article, Jason Barnard explains the three steps you can take to get into the Knowledge Graph and trigger a Knowledge Panel for your brand.
  5. How to Manage Your Information Google’s Knowledge Graph: In this video interview with Jason Barnard, Rand Fishkin, the co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, explains how to manage information in the Knowledge Graph.
  6. What is Google’s Knowledge Graph: Rank Ranger provides a helpful article explaining Google’s Knowledge Graph, a Semantic Search Engine, a Google Entity, and more.
  7. Google’s Knowledge Graph Explained: How It Influences SEO: In this article, Michal Pecánek, an author at Ahrefs, explains the relationship of Google’s Knowledge Graph and Entity.
Google is Replacing Wikipedia as Go-To Trusted Source

Google is Replacing Wikipedia as Go-To Trusted Source

Google is replacing Wikipedia as its knowledge reference for Knowledge Panels because its fact repository, or Knowledge Vault, has outgrown Wikipedia. Wikipedia has been the primary source for Google fact-checking…