Presentation of Branded Search (and Beyond) with Jason Barnard – Podcast

Branded Search (and Beyond) with Jason Barnard” is a podcast series that started as an excuse for me to travel the world interviewing smart digital marketers. The series kicked off in Paris in January 2019, and the wonderful Anders Hjorth was the very first person I interviewed and the first person to hear the song “A Quick Hello and we’re good to go, welcome to the show, Anders Hjorth”. 

There are literally hundreds of episodes now, and every single guest is one of the smartest people in digital marketing in the world, so this is well worth your time digging into the series.

Since June 2020 we have published an audio version of every regular episode of Kalicube Tuesdays as part of the series. That’s a great way to keep up with the conversations on Kalicube Tuesdays if you can’t make the live stream show. 

I also publish some special podcast-only episodes, so it’s worth keeping up with both Kalicube Tuesdays AND the podcast. In both cases, the motto is: “the conversations are always interesting, always intelligent and always fun :)”.

You can search “With Jason Barnard…” on Google or visit to find out more about the podcast.

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