Daily Brand SERP With The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard)

The Daily Brand SERP is a video series where I analyse one aspect of one individual Brand SERP: a company, a product, a person – famous or not – a podcast, a music album, a movie or a local business. In fact, any Entity 🙂 In less than 2 minutes, I analyse one thing that’s interesting or important or new or helpful… or something that’s unusual, unexpected or fun. 

The idea is to get more people thinking about Brand SERPs and hopefully seeing how incredibly interesting Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels are… perhaps even understanding how much marketers like us can learn from Brand SERPs, and how much we can do to manage and control them.

You can search “Daily Brand SERP” on Google or visit thebrandserpguy.com to find out more about these Brand SERP analyses.

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