What Is Credibility in The Kalicube Process

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Credibility in The Kalicube Process represents Phase Two of the process. Credibility demonstrates how trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative your brand or entity is perceived by  your ideal customers, search engines and off-search AI assistive engines. 

Search engines like Google and Bing, and off search AI assistive engines like ChatGPT, Perplexity and Claude, prioritize brands and content that exhibit high levels of credibility. Google explains credibility signals as EEAT. EEATT means brands that demonstrate experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness in their messaging, content and actions. 

At Kalicube, we take Credibility a step further with our NEEATT framework—Notability, Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Transparency.

What is Credibility in the Context of Digital Marketing and Brand Presence?

Credibility In the context of digital marketing and brand presence refers to how trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative a brand or entity is perceived by humans, search engines and off search AI assistive engines. Building credibility with the Kalicube Process ensures that credibility signals are discoverable, digestible and understandable for the audience and BigTech algorithms.

Brands that Google understands are awarded a KGMID and a Knowledge Panel in Phase 1 Understanding.

In Phase 2 Credibility, Google can apply the credibility signals it finds online directly to the brand or KGMID. Brands that demonstrate strong credibility build a fortress of facts around their brand in the Knowledge Graph and increase the likelihood Google shows the brand to an audience looking for solutions the brand offers.

As the fact fortress grows, Google adds more information to the Knowledge Panel. A large, information rich Knowledge Panel means potential customers get more information about the brand in one place, the brand result dominates, takes up more space on the results page and they look very impressive. 

What is The Kalicube Process and What is N-E-E-A-T-T in Credibility?

The Kalicube Process is a data-driven, three-phase digital marketing strategy designed to optimize a brand’s visibility, message, and acquisition funnel across its entire digital ecosystem. This process is simple, straightforward, and deeply rooted in brand and marketing with search engine optimization (SEO) baked in. The Kalicube Process is timeless and future-proof and works seamlessly with generative AI and any other new tech that comes our way.

N-E-E-A-T-T in Credibility is described in the list below.

1. Notability

Notability means being known in your niche or industry. Brands are notable in the niche when they are active in the niched and recognised by its target audience.

At Kalicube, recognition isn’t just about being known, it’s about being influential in your niche. When your brand is known, it naturally attracts attention and respect, laying a strong foundation for further credibility.

Notability isn’t just about being known; it’s about being known for the right reasons by the right people. How can you increase your brand’s notability to become a beacon in your field? The Done For You Credibility Phase of The Kalicube Process shows you exactly how to establish notability in your niche by using the 2 billion data points across thousands of industries. We tell you what to do and in what order, and you do it. No guesswork, no wasted time or money.

2. Experience

Experience is a record of your accomplishments and commitment to your industry, the backbone of your credibility. Experience is more than a timeline of your business activities. It’s one thing to claim expertise, but have you put it into practice?

The Kalicube Process emphasizes the importance of highlighting your accomplishments to build a track record of reliability and competence. By sharing your journey and milestones, you provide tangible proof of your expertise and commitment reinforcing your brand’s credibility.

Remember: Your past projects, years in the business, and milestones are the chapters of your brand’s narrative that build credibility over time. Our Done For You Service shows you exactly how and where to demonstrate your experience.

3. Expertise

Expertise is about showcasing your specialized knowledge or skills within your industry. Demonstrating your expertise positions the brand as a thought leader and a trusted source of information.

Highlighting your unique insights and in-depth understanding builds trust with your target audience and Google and the other search and assistive engines build confidence in the brand. 

Expertise turns your knowledge into a powerful tool for building credibility. Our Done For You Service shows you exactly how and where to demonstrate your experience.

4. Authoritativeness 

Authoritativeness means you are a leader or go-to source for information in your niche. Building authority means consistently producing the right high-quality content and engaging with your audience in the right places. 

Being in authority means you not only gain the trust of your audience but improve the confidence of the search engines, which prefer authoritative over generic content.

It’s not just about what you know; it’s about how you share it and how others perceive and utilize your insights. Building authoritativeness is a strategic process that can position your brand at the pinnacle of your industry – and The Kalicube Process tells you exactly how to do it.

5. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is a pivotal aspect of credibility that significantly influences user engagement and loyalty. Trustworthiness means doing what you say you do,  maintaining honest practices and consistently delivering trustworthy content. 

Trustworthiness involves transparency and reliability, ensuring your audience feels secure and valued. When users trust your brand, they are more likely to engage, convert, and become repeat customers, which is vital for long-term success.

Trust is the currency of credibility. Without trust, even the most notable and experienced brands falter.

6. Transparency

Being transparent about the owners of a brand, the stakeholders, the content creators means the search engines understand the people behind the brand. When the people behind the brand are credible, Google is able to apply the credibility signals to them, too, bolstering the credibility signals for the entities that comprise the brand. Transparency is a powerhouse of confidence.

From clear communication about the brand owners, the brand products and services to open dialogue with customers, transparency is the most underutilized tool in the credibility arsenal. The Kalicube Process does not work for brands that aren’t able to demonstrate transparency because it is essential for credibility. 

What is the Ultimate Goal of Building Credibility?

The ultimate goal of building credibility is for the ideal audience to view your brand as an industry reference—a market leader they trust above the competition—and for search and AI assistive engines to evaluate and fully apply the N-E-A-T-T credibility signals favorably when compared to competitors. Brands with credibility increase the likelihood that the machines will introduce or recommend your brand to your target audience. 

The Bottom Line

Credibility builds on understanding and positions your brand as a leader in the correct peer group or competitor set, and means your brand is discovered by the right audience. Credibility is a vital component of The Kalicube Process and successful digital marketing. It builds trust, enhances reputation, improves SEO, drives conversions, and mitigates negative feedback.  By focusing on N-E-E-A-T-T, you can ensure that your brand stands out to your ideal audience and the BigTech algorithms understand you are a credible brand and know which audience needs to see what you have to offer.. 

The Kalicube Process helps brands build relationships with their ideal audience in the right places. Leveraging the power of brand and marketing and packaging it for Google and the AI tech, The Kalicube Process positions brands as leaders in the niche, the most reputable solution for their ideal audience – and entrenches the brand in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Unless a brand is in the Knowledge Graph with a Knowledge Panel, it’s simply one of a trillion anonymous websites and social media networks hoping a customer finds them. 

The Kalicube Process doesn’t operate on hope, it works through tried and proven data. Get visible, get futureproof and stop throwing spaghetti at the wall. Book a call to talk about a Done For You Kalicube Process now. 

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