The Importance of Jumplinks for Fraggles, Chunks, and Gutenberg Blocks


Google Updates in 2021 and What To Expect in 2022 with Lily Ray 14 December 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

Whatever you call them, chunks, blocks and Fraggles are fundamentally important to both SEO and user experience. And in that context, Lily Ray explains how you can improve and optimise user experience and boost your SEO using Jumplinks, sitelinks and tables of content on web pages.

00:00 User Experience
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Transcript from: The Importance of Jumplinks for Fraggles, Chunks, and Gutenberg Blocks

Unless you fix the user experience. So you can introduce Sitelinks and tables of contents, and then Google itself can jump to that Sitelink if you provide them. So that’s probably one of the main strategies my team and I work on (with a lot of sites that we work on) and you’ll see it, top-performing websites all have Jumplinks because the pages are very robust in nature. They answer lots of different questions. They have FAQ’s and things like that.

Every article that I write about core updates, I add jump links because it’s like you don’t want the user to sit there and have to scroll through all this content. So just make it easy on the user. Right, which is something we should have been doing anyway for the user for years and years and years. And the idea of chunking (Bing talks about chunks of content) and then obviously with Gutenberg, we talk about blocks. Cindy Krum talks about Fraggles, the whole thing is basically thinking in chunks because that’s how we function as human beings. And that’s how Google now is looking at these pages.

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