Successful Press Relations is All About Understanding How Your Goals Fit With the Journalist's

Effective Public Relations Strategies You Should Be Using Right Now According to Joseph J. Sherman 01 February 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Joseph Sherman talks about how we all have different goals and use different approaches… and that the trick for Press Relations is to figure out where the match is. He uses a book (in this case Jason) as an example of what an author’s goals might be and what marketing techniques they might leverage to effectively market their books. Watch now. – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

00:00 Different goals in new media
00:15 Goals of a marketer
00:31 Information sharing
00:48 Engaging with a journalist or blogger

Transcript from: Successful Press Relations is All About Understanding How Your Goals Fit With the Journalist’s

Joseph: …to feature me in six year or you in six months and, and they want to do a full article about you. I think it’s also because fundamentally, especially in new media (in digital media) people have different goals. You as a marketer, for example, you have a new book coming out and people want to interview you imagine for your book and want to share your information.

Exactly, it’s a perfect example. So you have information to share. People want to reach you for the information, and then you as an author, have multiple goals. You want to sell your book. You want to gain clients. You want to have other projects that you’re working on related around that maybe speaking engagements.

So when you engage with a journalist or a blogger or another podcaster. You have all of these things in your mind (for example) my SERP also, how is this going to show up in my SERP? So all of these things are important to you and I think any business.

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