Finding the Centerpiece Content with Martin Splitt

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Practical Rendering SEO Explained October 7, 2021

Martin Splitt is a certified Developer Advocate with the Google Search Relations team in Zurich, Switzerland. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he explains how Centerpiece Annotation works and how Google parses and finds content structure in HTML.

00:00 Introducing, Martin Splitt
00:04 Google analyzing the content
00:21 The Centerpiece Annotation


That’s just us analyzing the content and, I don’t know what we have publicly said about this, but I think I brought it up in one of the podcasts episodes.

So I can probably say that we have a thing called the Centerpiece Annotation, for instance, and there’s a few other annotations that we have where we look at the semantic content, as well as potentially the layout tree.

But fundamentally we can read that from the content structure in HTML already and figure out so “Oh! This looks like from all the natural language processing that we did on this entire text content here that we got, it looks like this is primarily about topic A, dog food.

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