Who is Serving the Supply of Google’s SERPs?

Who is Serving the Supply of Google's SERPs?

Kalicube Tuesdays with Stephan Bajaio and Jason Barnard 01 March 2022 at 17 H CET (Paris)

In this short video clip, Jason Barnard and Stephan Bajaio discuss who is providing supply in the SERP (clue – it is us ???? . Stephan goes further and states that a SERP, much like a store with shelves, is essentially ‘supply’. The question Jason has (as always), is what might that mean in the context of Brand SERP. Watch the video right to the end.

00:00 SERP is filled with supply
00:33 SERP confirms bias
00:38 SERP introduces new information

Transcript from: Who is Serving the Supply of Google’s SERPs?

Stephan: …we have a problem. We have a demand. How are we serving that? But not just how are we serving that? Who’s serving that? So that takes us to the other side of the search bar: the SERPs. The SERPs -the Search Engine Result Page-is filled with supply. That’s as if you just walked into a store with an idea of what you wanted and you were given a share of shelf, right?There’s a shelf there and you can see all the different things on shelf. I’ve always said the search engine results are either confirming bias you have, they are introducing you to something you didn’t realize, or they’re confusing you to the point that you need to find more information.

Jason: Yeah. Which then triggers a new search to find…

Stephan: Exactly, so if I believe that because I’ve been in an industry for 20 years and I know…

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