How to Create Content That Converts (John Ozuysal and Jason Barnard)


Optimizing Homepage Content for Effective Branded Search Conversion – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this short video clip, John Ozuysal explains how content that converts helps with Branded Search and how Branded Search relates to content that converts. John explains that the most important aspect of homepage content is to ensure that it resonates with your target audience and is consistent with your brand message across all platforms, including social media. He stresses the importance of getting to the heart of your value proposition to ensure your audience is not presented with conflicting messages and that visitors immediately understand what your brand offers. Watch the video right to the end.

What you’ll learn:

  • 00:00 John Ozuysal and Jason Barnard
  • 00:02 How Content that Converts can Help with Branded Search
  • 00:18 Why is the Homepage Important in a Brand SERP?
  • 00:25 What Is the Most Important Aspect of a Website?
  • 00:40 Why is a Consistent Message on the Homepage Essential?
  • 01:12 How to Make Sure B2B SaaS Companies Have a Clear and Compelling Value Proposition on Their Homepage

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the Branded Search (and Beyond) Podcast with Jason Barnard.” Official event page link:…

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