What Other Search Engines Should Companies Care About in the Context of Brand SERPs

How to Optimize Your Brand’s Search Results? | The Brand SERP Guy, Jason Barnard Hosted by Nishant Garg from WhatMarketWants

In this clip, Jason Barnard talks about search engines that aren’t Google and their importance to companies who want to optimise their Brand SERP. Obviously Google will be the dominant concern for the vast majority… but in many cases it would be foolish to overlook the others. But which ones, and for whom? Watch the video.

00:00 Bing is important
00:38 Baidu, Yandex, Seznam and Qwant
01:11 DuckDuckGo and other Privacy-Friendly Search Engines

Transcript from: What Other Search Engines Should Companies Care About in the Context of Brand SERPs?

Jason Barnard: …perspectives, but very similar tactics.

Nishant Garg: So, other than Google and Bing, what other Search Engines should brands care about?

Jason Barnard: It depends what country. You said Bing and I haven’t talked about Bing, it’s still 10% in most countries and I really like Bing. Bing have got a really good grip of Search for example, if you search Kalicube on Bing, you will see a really good result. It’s really helpful. Probably better than Google’s results. I think people forget about Bing a little bit, and depending on your industry, depending on your country Bing can be quite important.

And then for other Search Engines, obviously, if you’re in China, Google and Bing really don’t matter very much. Baidu is going to be the one. If you’re in Russia, Yandex is going to be really important and if you’re in the Czech Republic, I think it’s called Seznam. If you were in France, you’d like to be looking at Qwant and intriguingly, Yandex is very popular in Turkey for some reason. So obviously that depends on your country.

There isn’t a vast difference, but some countries jump out as being exceptions. And then I would also pay attention to DuckDuckGo, and other Privacy-Friendly Search Engines because they’re growing, especially if your audience is geeky or, an audience who are into privacy or interested in privacy or careful about privacy, then DuckDuckGo is going to have quite a big chunk of your audience, so obviously that becomes more important. Once again, your strategies and your tactics are going to depend on your industry, your audience type, and your country.

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