Cracking the Code: Secrets to Enterprise SEO Success (Nitin Manchanda and Jason Barnard)


How a Positive Brand SERP Influences Repeat Website Visits? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this short video clip, Nitin Manchanda explains how important Branded Search is for Enterprise SEO. Nitin emphasizes that Branded Search not only influences user experience and loyalty to the website, but also plays a key role in managing a brand’s online reputation. He highlights the importance of actively monitoring and managing a company’s online presence and how this can be a powerful tool for a company’s presence in the SERP to ensure future success. Watch the video right to the end.

What you’ll learn

  • 00:00 Nitin Manchanda and Jason Barnard
  • 00:02 How Important is Branded Search for Enterprise SEO?
  • 00:18 Why is Branded Search Important for a Website’s User Experience?
  • 00:32 What Role Does Branded Search Play in Retaining Users on a Website?
  • 00:45 How Negative Reviews in Branded Searches Impact Potential Customers’ Perceptions Before They Visit a Website?

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the Branded Search (and Beyond) Podcast with Jason Barnard.” Official event page link:…

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