How the Internet Has Come Full Circle Because of Google with Gennaro Cuofano

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Gennaro Cuofano Explains How Google Monetizes its Products and Services 28 September 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

Gennaro Cuofano is a digital entrepreneur who specializes in growing online businesses. In this video interview with Jason Barnard, he talks about how Google broke down the walls of the Internet and is now rebuilding it.

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Originally, we know one of the commercial killer Applications of the web was the browser, at least the browser enabled many to get out and just explore the internet which before Netscape and Mosaic was more like a walled garden. So you had all the key players and much better than me like AOL, you had Prodigy, you had three or four key players who really controlled the internet at that time, in the nineties. That was a very controlled experience. So sort of like it’s happening today. So it’s like history that is coming back and the paradox is coming back through the eyes of Google, which was one of the companies that wrecked the walled gardens.

I like that! We’ve come full circle and Google wrecked it and now they’re rebuilding the walls. Basically they knocked the entire garden walls down, opened up to everyone. Now they’re closing it down again.

I think that’s the interesting perspective because at the time the internet was a service which was closed, it was run primarily through a subscription-based service. You pay AOL, you had access to various services and they control the experience of the users. They gave you a email. They give you forums. They give you a few other things that you would access through those controlled service. And then came the browsers. And the browsers really changed the game. Again, the killer commercial application because then the browser called for search engines, because of course, once you have the browser, if you plug in the search engine and then it’s another piece of the digital supply chain. Where you get closer and closer to the users and, you don’t need to be a huge player to attract many users …

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