Conversion-Driven SEO for Consistent Results (Gert Mellak and Jason Barnard)


Why Brand Recognition and Links Will Be More Crucial Than Ever – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this short video clip, Gert Mellak explains how conversion-driven SEO helps with Branded Search and how Branded Search ties in with conversion-driven SEO. Gert Mellak discusses the role of conversion-driven SEO in Branded Search. He emphasises that with the increasing importance of AI algorithms, branding and authoritative links are becoming more and more important. He also highlights the significance of brand visibility and tailored content to the conversion process. Watch the video right to the end.

  • 00:00 Jason asks questions
  • 00:25 AI algorithms need a decision basis to make certain decisions
  • 02:02 We type in the brand before we actually want to make the final step

Transcript from Why Brand Recognition and Links Will Be More Crucial Than Ever

Jason Barnard: But the last question is either How can conversion-driven SEO help with Branded Search? Or question two, How does Branded Search tie in with conversion-driven SEO?

Gert Mellak: I think it’s pretty much the same thing where we see especially and we are just talking about AI brands are going to get more important. My firm belief branding and links.

I think both things are going to get more important because AI algorithms need a decision basis to make certain decisions. So asking an assistant, a virtual assistant, a voice assistant, like Alexa or the Google Assistant, asking them a questions, they will want to give us an answer, and this answer is going to be either based on some reputation, authority metric or it’s going to be based on brand recognition.

So whatever you can do in order for your brand to connect the dots for the machines, which you, with Kalicube are doing so well is going to help when it comes to conversions.

We know for a fact that many people are discovered with SEO searches, with searches on Google without knowing the brand yet, but then convert when they serve when people search for their brand. So people search for how to do SEO on Shopify. Discover SEO Leverage, come across my personal website at some point, probably with a better image but then search for my name and then convert.

We notice because they convert from the homepage, the homepage doesn’t rank for anything else, right? So we notice there is a process behind it and we know those people have opted in before on some other page on our website.

But then when the conversion actually happens, when they reach out it comes from the home page. We have many people especially in coaching spaces, online courses where this is the case.

I want to learn the Thai alphabet, right? I download a guide on how to learn the Thai alphabet, but then when I search for this course, I’m ready to purchase it. And this is just where this Brand SERP is so important.

We type in the brand before we actually want to make the final step. Before everything else was researched, and this is where the right content needs to rank and they need to discover you for you what you are actually doing. But then the final conversion is going to happen through the Brand SERP.

Jason Barnard: Brilliant.

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the Branded Search (and Beyond) Podcast with Jason Barnard.”

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