How You Can Control the Online Reviews for Your Brand?

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In this clip, Olesia Korobka explains that it is vital to control the reviews about your brand as best you can. She suggests multiple strategies to “own” reviews about your brand including simple tricks such as a dedicated page or subdomain on a site you control.

00:13 Creating different places for reviews
00:21 Creating review sub domain
00:33 Control for reviews

Transcript from: How You Can Control the Online Reviews for Your Brand?

Like no brainer, is it? And it’s quick. It saves you lots of time. And the second one is reviews.

We have not touched upon reviews a lot, but I suggest to people creating different places for their reviews of their own, which they do control. I do suggest to create another review sub domain, a review page on your website and… everywhere and not just Yelp, or some big companies or big websites. Create something that you can control for reviews, especially.

And you’ll see how advantageous it can be for you in the long run. So, uh, thank you.

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