How Can We Correct Information in Knowledge Panels When Google Gets It Wrong?

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In this clip, Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) explains that, although we can contact someone at Google through the feedback form and have the information corrected, if the algorithm thinks we humans got it wrong, it will revert the changes. So the most effective approach that provides long term results is to build a relationship with the algorithm and teach it, like you would a child. Provide it with the facts, have multiple reiterations of those facts from multiple trusted sources, and the child-algorithm will not only understand, but it will be confident in that understanding. Only then will it consistently get the facts in your Knowledge Panel correct over time.

00:00 Relationship with the algorithm
00:26 Google algorithms sometimes misunderstand
00:42 Proactively correcting the “Google-child

Transcript from: How Can We Correct Information in Knowledge Panels When Google Gets It Wrong?

It’s not as simple as just turning it on and turning it off cause it’s like you mentioned, It’s a relationship with the algorithm. It’s a relationship with that toddler, which is the AI. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

And that idea, (and you’ve brought it up incredibly well) is to say, people tend to think we can just contact somebody at Google and they will correct it. And in fact, you can. But the people at Google say, “Well yeah, even if I do correct it, if the machine still thinks we’ve got it wrong as humans, it’s going to correct it back. So when Google gets something wrong, you need to proactively go out there and sort out the problem, figure out why this “Google-child” (we are educating) has misunderstood. Correct the information that made it misunderstand at which point it will then understand and then represent you correctly.

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