Why Google Shows Knowledge Panels on Brand SERPs

Jason Barnard during CONTFERENCE #1 – Online Content Intelligence & Content Marketing Conference.

In this short video clip, Jason Barnard explains Google’s reasoning behind Knowledge Panels. With so much information from different sources on a SERP in a form of blue links, Google uses the Knowledge Panel to present a summary of the information it understands about a brand or person. Watch this short clip to understand why Google shows what it shows in a Knowledge Panel. Watch until the end.

00:00 Google shows the Knowledge Panel
00:13 Information pulled from different sources
00:32 Google gives summary of the brand or person
00:43 Knowledge Panels come in different templates

Transcript from: Why Google Shows Knowledge Panels on Brand SERPs

Jason Barnard : You have on the right fact now, why does it show the Knowledge Panel? It’s not just to say, oh, look, I know who this entity is. Google is trying to pull information from multiple different sources, show it in the Knowledge Panel so that the person searching doesn’t need to click on multiple links in those blue links on the left hand side or the Video Boxes or whatever … to find that information that is fragmented around different sources around the web and build it up in their own brain. Google gives them a summary of the brand, or the person or whatever you’re searching for. One-size-fits-all is totally false. Google has a templated system, and you can see here that we have different templates depending on the companies and very different Knowledge Panels from the left to the right, from the tiny little sprout for Perspective Fittings Limited, then a tiny Knowledge Panel for Kalicube then SE Ranking is much bigger, then WordLift, even bigger, and obviously Meta – Facebook massive, super duper sexy Knowledge Panel.

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