How does the geo-location affect the visibility of my Knowledge Panel?

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Geo-location in the context of Knowledge Panels refers to the location, such as a country, city or town, where a user makes a Google search. A user’s geo-location affects the visibility of your Knowledge Panel because Google’s algorithms determine what information is included in the Knowledge Panel based on what is most relevant to the specific geographic location.

A Google Knowledge Panel is a search results feature that provides a concise summary of information about an Entity such as a company, person, or Brand collected by Google from a variety of credible sources. It is Google’s understanding of the facts about your Entity.

If a person is more popular or relevant in a particular region, Google is more likely to show their Knowledge Panel to users searching in that region. A company’s Knowledge Panel might be displayed only in its home country or city.

For multinational companies or people with international prominence, the content displayed in their Knowledge Panel may vary from one geographic region to another. Google displays different features or highlights different information depending on what it deems most relevant to users in each region.

Here is an example of a Knowledge Panel for a person when a user from the United Kingdom searches for the name “Scott Duffy.” In the image below, Scott Duffy has a Knowledge Panel with Knowledge Panel Cards.

Knowledge Panel for a person- geolocation
Knowledge Panel for a person when a user from the United Kingdom searches for the name “Scott Duffy.”

When the same search is made in the United States, the Knowledge Panel is the same, but the Knowledge Cards are no longer visible.

Knowledge Panel for a person- geolocation
Knowledge Panel for a person when a user from the USA searches for the name “Scott Duffy.”

The information in this Knowledge Panel in the United States is essentially identical to that in the Knowledge Panel generated for the user in the United Kingdom. Scott Duffy uses the Kalicube Pro platform to control how he presents himself online.

Kalicube Pro uses a variety of strategies to ensure the consistency of your Google Knowledge Panel across different geographic locations.

How can I ensure the consistency of my Google Knowledge Panel across geo-locations

There are five steps to maintaining consistency of your Knowledge Panel across different locations.

1. Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number): Make sure that your business name, address, and phone number are consistent throughout your online presence, including your official website, social media profiles, and any other platforms where your business is listed.

2. Relevant, Authoritative Sources: Ensure that relevant, authoritative websites and platforms that Google trusts are displaying consistent information about you or your business.

3. Schema Markup: Use schema markup on your website. Structured data communicates the information on your website page to Google in its native language. Ensure your location-specific information is included in your schema.

4. Localization: Depending on your audience, consider localizing your content. This means delivering content in the local language across all your platforms, connecting with the local community through public relations, creating content about local events, and optimising your Google Business Profile for your location.

5. Regular Updates: Regularly update your Knowledge Panel with fresh and accurate content such as the latest news or product and service updates. Use the “Suggest an edit” feature if you have claimed your Knowledge Panel. Also ensure your Entity Home, social media platforms and trust second and third party sources are also updated too.

How can Kalicube Pro help me with my Knowledge Panel visibility across geo-locations?

Kalicube Pro proactively tracks and manages what an audience sees in a Knowledge Panel in different locations. Kalicube Pro shows you what you need to focus on in every region to ensure your Knowledge Panel is comprehensive and accurate, and presents your brand or entity in the best possible light. This is an essential part of building Google’s trust and establishing a strong online presence.

Kalicube Pro is the only cloud-based software-as-a-service that provides you with all the data and tools you need to optimize, manage, track, measure and report on brands across search. We started in SEO in 1998. We have over 25 years of experience and our team is second to none.  

The platform tracks and measures the Brand SERP in relevant locations. Using that data, it provides a prioritized list of tasks to effectively and efficiently gain control of a Brand SERP, Knowledge Panel and generative AI results –  and make them positive, accurate and convincing for their audience. 

The strategies Kalicube Pro defines are incredibly powerful for actively and proactively managing brand reputation, brand positioning and search optimisation… and yet surprisingly simple to implement, even for people with little or no experience in SEO.

Kalicube Pro automates the manual Kalicube Process we pioneered back in 2012. The Kalicube Process is a proven process that educates search engines about entities (people, things, companies) and makes them understandable, credible and deliverable. It gives the search engines confidence to include the entity in its Knowledge Graph and serve facts and recommendations (and now generative AI results) about a brand. 

Please book a free call with Jason to discuss how Kalicube Pro can help your brand ensure the consistency of your Google Knowledge Panel across different geographic locations and help maintain your ongoing strategy to provide Google with consistent, relevant, and trustworthy information.


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