BrandTech: What You Need To Know

Brand Tech - Digital Brand Management

What is BrandTech?

A simple definition of BrandTech.

Branding Technology (also known as BrandTech) is a set of software solutions used by brand managers, PR agents, online reputation experts, marketers and business owners leverage to plan, execute, and measure their work on digital brand management. BrandTech tools are used to automate or otherwise streamline branding strategies, collect and analyse data, and manage the message projected to their target audience online.

More specifically, BrandTech solutions help brand managers communicate the brand message of an entity (company, product, person, music group, film, podcast etc) to their audience through the lens of the BigTech platforms with minimum distortion.

How Does BrandTech Help With Digital Brand Management?

Branding technology platforms (BrandTech) are software solutions that help companies manage their brand online. Every internet user sees brands through curated content presentations. Whether the person is using Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook, Twitter Amazon or any other tech platform, the content they see is curated by the algorithms of that platform.

Like any business, these BigTech platforms have one driving purpose: to best serve the needs of their clients and users. To do that, they use algorithms driven by Machine Learning (AI) to curate the information in search results, discover channels, push content, etc.

BrandTech empowers companies to ensure that the curation algorithms of these BigTech platforms doesn’t distort their brand message. Indeed, BrandTech platforms can (and should) go further: they should aim to ensure that the message the brand’s audience sees through these curated interfaces is an accurate and complete reflection of the brand message that the brand itself has defined.

Kalicube Pro SaaS – a groundbreaking Dedicated BrandTech Platform

Kalicube Pro SaaS is a unique, innovative BrandTech platform that primarily focuses on Google. The platform tracks and analyses Brand SERPs (the Search Engine Results Page for a brand name), allowing users to optimise what their audience sees when they google the brand name: manage the content Google shows, and thus ensure their brand message is correctly represented to their bottom and post funnel audience.

Further, Kalicube Pro SaaS goes further than that – it builds a detailed understanding of the brand’s digital ecosystem, and tracks that over time. Kalicube Pro organises the brand’s ecosystem as a prioritised list of the sources of information and the third party platforms where the brand’s audience engages. This allows brand managers to easily and effectively prioritise actions within their digital brand management strategy, ensuring that focus is on the right aspects of their branding, on the most important platforms at all times.

At Kalicube, we consider the Kalicube Pro SaaS platform is the ultimate way to implement the Kalicube Process for both Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels. It provides all the data and tools you need to optimise, track, measure and report on Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels on Google for your clients.

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