Getting a PAA Result on Brand SERP

The 3-Step Process to Getting a Google Knowledge Panel for a Podcast

Google just update podcast knowledge panel “rules”. Read more here >>

Definition of Leapfrogging in SEO

Jason Barnard offers this course for ORM / removing negative content from your Brand SERP >> If you want to learn more about other strategy used other than leapfrogging, check out this Article

Comparison of SEO and SERP

Google’s concept of Rich Sitelinks in Brand SERP

How does it work? Google chooses between 4 and 10 pages that it feels are most relevant and useful to the user according to their context. That context consists of many factors, including the geo-location of the user, their search history, the type of device, and historical data from the pool of searches on your […]

Entity Home in SEO: Explainer

The importance of the Entity Home This is the first step, and it’s the most important. The goal is to get Google to recognize a webpage that you control, as the ‘Entity Home’. Once you can do that, it becomes much easier to trigger a knowledge panel and to manage that knowledge panel. This is […]

Brand Digital Ecosystem Definition

Plus: how does your brand’s digital ecosystem tie into Brand SERP.

Search Engine Marketing: Definition

Google Knowledge Panel Definition

Further Information Knowledge panels show the name of the entity and then, depending on the information Google has in it’s Knowledge Graph : photos, description, social media profiles, related entities… How to manage a knowledge panel >> Common Misconceptions Featured Snippets Disguised as Knowledge Panels Sometimes Google places a featured snippet on the right hand […]