Suggest Your Brand For Inclusion in the Kalicube Pro Public Dataset

We currently track over 60,000 entities (Person, Brand, Corporation, Event, Music Group, LocalBusiness, Course, PodcastSeries…). You can add yours for free.

The Entity will be tracked once a month in 5 locations around the world:

  1. Brand SERP
  2. Knowledge Panel
  3. Presence in Google’s Knowledge Graph
Inclusion in the public dataset is completely free.

So, you can get monthly Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel tracking of your brand (or your competitors) at no cost whatsoever to you!

To see how things are progressing, you’ll be able to simply visit this page once a month:

Suggest a Brand for the Inclusion in the Kalicube Pro Public Dataset

This service is free. Simply tell us the name, the website and the country. We’ll get back to you when we have added it.