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With your help, we would like to push

the first EVER Brand SERP book to the top of the Amazon Bestseller list this week

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Jason Barnard
The Brand SERP Guy

I know the “effort barrier” is onerous, but this would be a big help to my mission to make 2022 “The Year of The Brand SERP”.

I know I said 2020 was

“The Year of The Brand SERP”, then I said 2021 would be “The Year of The Brand SERP”… 3rd time lucky!

Just as we hoped 🙂

But the Release Week Isn’t Over Yet
We Have to Keep the Ball Rolling!

Could You Also Help Kick-Start This


When we say “everyone”, we mean EVERYONE

Large enterprise businesses


Local bricks and mortar stores

Famous people


Brand managers

What we are asking you to do to help us?


Buy a copy in the first week

(so before the 26th of January)


Please read at least one chapter (or ideally the entire book)


Kindly leave a positive review

on Amazon

Regular Price: $8.99

Launch Price (eBook)


We wanted to let you have the book for $1, but Amazon’s rules don’t let us.



Who’s excited for the book launch?

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Frequently Asked Questions


* Print length: 149 pages
* File size: 13.977 MB

* Print length: 177 pages
* Publication date: January 25, 2022
* Language: English
* Dimensions: 6 x 0.42 x 9 inches


The eBook and paperback are shipped and sent by

Returns and cancellations

The eBook is not refundable since it is a downloadable digital product.

For the paperback, we follow’s policies for returns and cancellations of items.

Why did we set the price at under $3?

The Editor, Scott Turman has planned a rather groovy strategy (that I think / hope will work)

– to get on the Amazon Bestseller list by having steady, relatively high sales on launch
– to stay there a while with a great set of reviews

How? The eBook will be $2.99 for the first week, so the cost barrier of lending a helping hand is not too onerous … then (hopefully) the book is a worthwhile investment of time for any marketer, so leaving a positive review makes sense.

How to get a signed copy?

If you are interested in a personally signed copy of the first edition of the book, please contact Katrina for details.

Your help and support in making 2022
“The Year of the Brand SERP” means a lot.

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