How Can We Figure Out the Power of Ranking Factors in SEO?

How Can We Figure Out the Power of Ranking Factors in SEO?

Learn How Predictive SEO Impacts the Future of SEO with Rebecca Berbel 07 December 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

We don’t know how Google interprets certain ranking factors such as page speed, links, word count and so on… let alone which carries most weight in Google’s algorithms. Rebecca Berbel explains that (done right) Predictive SEO offers some incredible insights. At OnCrawl, they have been able to demonstrate that the influence of different ranking factors varies by industry, and even by website. The secret? Using advanced tools and having enough reliable data.

00:17 Ranking factors are important
00:32 Use advanced tools and use enough data
00:50 Machine learning vs. Human analysis

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No, I’m actually really excited about what you just said, because I think that’s key. We don’t know how Google interprets any of the given features (aka ranking factors) today. We know that some of them, they say they take into account, and those are the ranking factors that we know are important. But how important are they? We don’t know that. And they might be different depending on your industry, depending on your site, depending on all of the other (factors)that we cited earlier. So the whole game here is to use advanced tools and to use enough data, to be able to say, “Yes! These things are important because everything that ranks uses them efficiently and everything that doesn’t rank (in this particular context) doesn’t (use those factors efficiently).”

And that’s where the interest of big data and machine learning come in because analyzing things at that scale with human analysis behind it is just going to be a large waste of time. And by the time you’re finished, we’ll have new technology in order to do it faster.

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