The Advantage of Being an Early Adopter in Digital Marketing

The Advantage of Being an Early Adopter in Digital Marketing

Funding CEO Academy Founder’s Leo Kanell with Jason Barnard on Kalicube Tuesdays Livestream Series

In this clip, The Brand SERP Guy (Jason Barnard) talks about how he used being an early adopter to his advantage and why he chose to bet on Google 25 years ago. Pragmatism is the reason for his decision to focus on Google and build a balanced advertising and subscription business model for his business. Watch the whole video to discover the advantages of being an early adapter in digital marketing.

00:00 Early adapter in Google and subscription business model
00:47 Placing bet on Google
00:58 Focus and pragmatism

Transcript from: The Advantage of Being an Early Adopter in Digital Marketing

How did you guys, what was the decision like to be an early adapter in Google and early adapter of a subscription business model? How do these ideas come and, any insights on other things we should be early adapters in 2022 here?

It’s an interesting question because I think the reasoning behind it is pragmatism. It’s saying for example, with Google at the time you had like 20 different Search Engines and you had to create one page. Per Search Engine per individual keyword.

And that meant literally I was trying to manage 200,000 web pages all at once, and I was on my own. And I realized very quickly that simply isn’t possible. So what I then did was say, I need to focus on just one. I need to bet on one horse so I choose Google. And with that, I reduced it to something like 10,000 pages, which is manageable as an individual. And from that perspective, that was pure pragmatism. I didn’t have the resources to do it. So I had to pick a horse and go with it (or run with it). And then for the subscription model, it was as funds ran out, as we started to.

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