How to Leverage Press to Build Authority on Google (Dennis Consorte and Jason Barnard)


How to Control Your Online Reputation Through Digital PR – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this short video clip with Jason Barnard, Dennis Consorte explains how Digital PR helps with Branded Search and how Branded Search relates to Digital PR. Dennis reveals how to influence the information that appears when someone Googles your brand through Digital PR. Watch the video right to the end.

  • 00:00 Jason asks questions
  • 00:35 You can influence over third party information
  • 00:56 Digital PR is a tremendous tool

Transcript from How to Control Your Online Reputation Through Digital PR – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

Jason Barnard: …we end as always now with these questions answer one or both.

How can Digital PR help with Branded Search? How does Branded Search tie in with Digital PR?

Off you go, Dennis.

Dennis Consorte: So I’m just gonna give you a really simple thought, and that is when people are interested in who you are, whether they wanna write about you or do business with you, or buy your product, they’re going to go to Google, they’re going to look you up, and they’re gonna see what they find.

As Jason said, you don’t always have control over third party information, but you sure can influence it. And if you use Digital PR to reach out to journalists, to reach out to bloggers, to reach out to podcasters and other people of influence, then in fact you are able to control a lot of the information that shows up on your page in Branded Search.

So, I believe that “Digital PR is a tremendous tool” when it comes to Branded Search. It’s gonna give you so much control over what does show up, and in addition, you can look for different gaps in the content and see how you can fill them.

So if you were to Google yourself as Jason Googled me earlier you might see or you know what I see some blog posts come up but I don’t see a lot of articles or I see podcasts come up but I don’t see a lot of quotes in top tier magazines.

So think about how you can leverage Digital PR to reach out to influential people and publications so that you can fill all of those gaps and give people a really complete picture of who you are.

Jason Barnard: I absolutely love that answer and I love the final moment is fill those gaps…

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