Disambiguate Your Company Name and Personal Brand 

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You’re losing valuable brand power if your company name is the same as your personal name. Why? Your company and your personal brand are two distinct brands. This overlap makes it challenging to separate your individual identity from that of your business, limiting your ability to evolve and pursue new opportunities in business.

And when your personal brand is so intertwined with your company name, it devalues the company if you ever decide to sell it.

Plus, same-name companies and personal brands cost you money. If your company and personal brand have the same name, it confuses your audience because they get information about the company when they want information about you. And vice versa. Search and generative AI models struggle to understand the two entities’ differences and dilute both brands. 

Jason Barnard discovered this the hard way. His company name was the same as his personal brand. As his business grew, he discovered that search engines didn’t understand that the two were different. To continue growing the brands, he changed the company name. 

By proactively managing and differentiating your professional and personal brands, you can maintain a clear distinction between your individual persona and your company’s identity. This separation allows you to cultivate a strong, authentic personal brand that complements your business brand rather than competes with it. You are able to pivot and explore new opportunities in your career without being tied to the company that bears your name.

Whether you’re an established professional or an aspiring entrepreneur, disambiguating company and personal names is essential for long-term success. 

Kalicube specializes in disambiguating companies and people who share the same name. 

What is Kalicube and How We Can Help You?

Kalicube is a digital marketing agency that builds powerful brands that the audience, search, and generative AI models understand. The Kalicube Process is a three-phase branding powerhouse that allows brands to dominate the entire digital ecosystem using  branding, marketing, and packaging the messaging in a way Google can understand. Without a brand, you have nothing to market; without marketing, you have nothing to package for Google.

Kalicube consolidates a brand’s digital footprint through our Saas platform, Kalicube Pro. Kalicube Pro has been collecting data from Google since 2015 (and continues). It has over 2 billion data points and tracks over 7 million active Knowledge Panels, 100,000 businesses, and people across dozens of countries, which allows us to pinpoint exactly what a brand is doing well, not so well, and where Google and the target audience expects it to hang out online. Kalicube Pro gives brands the strategy to maintain a convincing and consistent message across the entire digital footprint – that is niche-specific. There is no guessing or wasting time and resources. Our approach is PR-packaged for Google. 

Kalicube is not an SEO agency. We use Google to inform your brand’s strategy and measure progress through Google search results. 

Educating Google involves doing the Google dance—Kalicube does a huge amount of work to put all the measures in place to shift Google’s focus where you want it to be so that when it updates, it joins the dots and understands who you are, what you offer, and to whom. 

What Happens When You Disambiguate with Kalicube?

One Month Disambiguation

Kalicube can lay the foundations to disambiguate the company and personal brand in just one month. This requires a full digital ecosystem audit for the company and the personal brand, as well as changing the messaging everywhere both brands are present. This lays the foundation for the disambiguation and gives each brand its identity. You get a six-month strategy you can implement on a DIY basis for the next six months to ensure your brands build their brand power and drive dollars through the door.

Or you can stay with Kalicube for an additional eight months and get everything you need to separate your brand from your company with less stress, hassle, and headaches.

Over the eight months, Kalicube focuses on three key areas:

  1. We move the relevant digital assets to become associated with your company entity. This ensures a clear separation of your personal and professional online presence.
  1. Kalicube provides a comprehensive strategy for digital PR and where to create content, enabling you to grow your business brand separately from your personal brand. 
  1. Using proprietary data-driven algorithms, Kalicube identifies the most powerful platforms and channels for you to gain exposure and improve your personal authority and credibility within your field, distinct from your company brand. 

The distinction between you and your company becomes crystal clear to you, your audience, and Google.

The Kalicube process effectively separates your individual identity and professional expertise from your business, allowing both brands to thrive independently while complementing each other strategically.

Why You Need Kalicube?

Kalicube is 3x faster.

Attempting to separate and distinguish your personal brand from your company brand is complex and time-consuming. 

Without Kalicube, the process is impossible. Achieving the desired level of clarity and distinction between these two critical identities could take over 27 months.

The Kalicube Process means you and your company become distinct in the minds of you, your audience, and Google in just nine months – a threefold increase in efficiency compared to going it alone. 

If you want to pivot your career away from your company, sell your company, or allow your company to shine in its own right, you’ll be set in just nine months.

There is no guesswork because everything is data-driven. Kalicube Pro is our secret weapon to position you in the places that matter as fast as possible and with maximum results.

What Is the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for disambiguation?

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for disambiguation of a personal and company brand is a personal Brand SERP that clearly represents you, your company Brand SERP that clearly represents your company. Both brand SERPs are positive, accurate, and convincing to your audience.

For a personal brand, this means that search results might include a personal website, professional profiles on networking sites like LinkedIn, published articles or media mentions, personal websites, or portfolios—all reflecting a strong personal brand that aligns with career goals and public perception.

For companies, an optimized Brand SERP would typically feature the official website at the top of search results, followed by secondary pages such as product pages or blog posts. It may also include customer reviews from trusted platforms, which reflect customer satisfaction and trust in the brand. Active and engaging social media profiles contribute to this positive image, too.

In essence:

  1. Positive: The sentiment of content in search results is favorable.
  2. Accurate: Information accurately reflects current offerings and achievements.
  3. Convincing: Content persuades audiences regarding expertise, reliability, and authenticity.

What is the Kalicube Process?

The Kalicube Process has three phases: Understandability, Credibility, and Deliverability. In this case, we focus on Phase One (and Phase Two if you choose.)

Phase 1: Understandability

The Kalicube Process begins with a crucial first phase: building an understanding of both entities involved—individuals or companies. This initial step involves differentiating the brands and laying a solid foundation for each entity’s unique digital presence.

For individuals, this involves establishing a comprehensive Entity Home—a personal website or portfolio that acts as the central hub of their online identity. For companies, it could be their official company website where their brand narrative resides.

The goal is to ensure that search engines like Google can easily discern who you are or what your company stands for by gathering consistent and accurate information from your Entity Home and corroborating it with all the other consistent messaging we optimize across the digital footprint – social media profiles, directories, bios, etc. 

Phase 2: Credibility (Optional)

Moving on to phase two, we build credibility in each brand by focusing brand and marketing activities in the places the audience and the search engines expect the brand to be. We position the brands within the correct peer group.  People might focus on podcast appearances, interviews, or biographical articles highlighting individual expertise and accomplishments. The company would emphasize industry recognition, partnerships, and customer testimonials to bolster its reputation.

By differentiating between these two types of entities and tailoring strategies accordingly in phase two of The Kalicube Process, we create distinct paths for them online in the vast ocean of online data, ensuring they stand out clearly in their respective fields.


Jason Barnard is a perfect example of how to balance and differentiate one’s personal brand from one’s company brand masterfully. 

As the CEO and founder of Kalicube, a pioneering agency in Brand SERP optimization and digital marketing strategies, Jason has carved out a unique personal brand that stands apart from his company.

Jason’s multifaceted background as a screenwriter, rock musician, and voice actor has imbued him with an exceptional ability to craft narratives that resonate on both personal and corporate levels. This skill is evident in how he approaches his work at Kalicube; he ensures that each client’s story is told in a way that captivates their audience while achieving stellar search engine results.

“While I infuse my personal insights into our strategies at Kalicube,” says Jason, “I also maintain my own identity separate from the company. This distinction allows me to explore new avenues for self-expression and innovation without conflating my personal brand with that of Kalicube.”

Jason sets an example for entrepreneurs everywhere: one can lead a successful business while nurturing one’s identity. This strategy not only enriches one’s professional life but also adds depth to the company’s services.

Your Options for Implementing the Kalicube Process

To implement the Kalicube Process, choose one of the three options below.

1. Do it yourself. Access our free learning resources, join the Kalicube Academy, or read “The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business” book for everything you need to optimize your brand for your audience and the search engines.

2. Book a Done For You Service. The team at Kalicube works with you to implement the Kalicube Process for your brand – working within your existing resources and priorities and saving you valuable time. We can start building and implementing your digital marketing strategy year-round.

Book a call with Jason Barnard and start getting more leads and sales through your powerful personal and company brands. 

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