The Importance of Knowledge Panels for Brands

The Importance of Knowledge Panel in Brand SEO

Why is Having a Knowledge Panel for my Brand Important for SEO?

Knowledge panels are the visible representation of Google’s Knowledge Graph. They have attracted a great deal of attention already in 2022, and that is set to explode in 2023. Not only are they something your audience expects to see when they google your brand name (or you risk looking amateur and small-time), but having a Knowledge Panel for your brand that contains extended, accurate and positive information clearly indicates that Google has understood who you are, what you do and who your audience is… and that is the single most important foundational building block for all your SEO efforts today, tomorrow and way into the future. So, if you don’t have a Knowledge Panel, start working to trigger one, and if you have one, start working to take control so you can actively manage the information it contains.

It’s important to understand what Knowledge Panels actually serves. They are not simply information boxes that appear on Google when you search for entities, but in the context of on-SERP SEO, they help improve users’ search experience.

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