Knowledge Panel Hopping: What You Need To Know

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What is Knowledge Panel Hopping?

Knowledge Panel Hopping is a Google game we play at Kalicube based on the six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

According to Wikipedia, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, or Bacon’s Law, is a game in which players challenge each other to randomly select an actor and then connect him or her to another actor via a film in which both actors have appeared together. This process is repeated to find the shortest path that eventually leads to the successful American actor Kevin Bacon. The game is based on the assumption that anyone working in the Hollywood film industry can be connected to Bacon through their film roles within six steps.”

Kalicube’s version of the game – Knowledge Panel Hopping – just means that you use a Knowledge Panel on the Google SERP and click on one of the attributes or a People Also Search For and see what appears on the next page. The next page you see will have a Knowledge Panel with attributes, PASF and probably a carousel at the top… all of which necessarily entails a relationship with the initial entity.

Then you click on another attribute or People Also Search For  that intrigues you and see what appears on the next page – another Knowledge Panel with attributes, PASF and probably a carousel at the top… all of which necessarily entails a relationship with the second entity.

Do this 5 times (that’s six connections) and see where you end up. The results are almost always astounding, surprising and fun! Much of the time, by the time you get to the 6th step, you’ll be way, way, way, way, way, way (6 ways) from the starting entity. It’s stunning. And fun. And incredibly insightful about how Google’s Knowledge Algorithms “think” and “understand”.

It is a hugely fun game, but also incredibly insightful and helpful for Knowledge Panel management. Jason explains this in more detail in the Knowledge Panel Course in the Kalicube Academy (Geeky insight – this is about “relationships” that quickly turn into “paths”).

Here’s an insightful example. Jason Barnard’s Knowledge Panel shows that his parent is Kate Westbrook. When you click on Kate Westbrook, Google directs you to a SERP with her Knowledge Panel. In her Knowledge Panel, you will see that her children are Clio Barnard and Jason Barnard. 

Knowledge Panel Hopping
Example of Knowledge Panel Hopping using Jason Barnard’s Knowledge Panel
Knowledge Panel Hopping
Example of Knowledge Panel Hopping from Jason Barnard’s Knowledge Panel to Kate Westbrook’s Google SERP Result

And then if you click on Clio Barnard, it will bring up more information that can lead you to very surprising results, like Prince Henry’s Grammar School. 

Knowledge Panel Hopping
Example of Knowledge Panel Hopping from Kate Westbrook to Clio Barnard

So you can go from Jason Barnard to Kate Westbrook to Clio Barnard and Prince Henry’s Grammar School in three hops by just clicking on Kate Westbrook in Jason Barnard’s Knowledge Panel.

Knowledge Panel Hopping illustration

How Does Knowledge Panel Hopping Fits For Knowledge Panel Management?

In the context of Knowledge Panel management, Knowledge Panel Hopping allows you to see the relationships Google has identified between any entity and any other entity. For example it will show you that Google has understood the relationship between your company and the founder, CEO, headquarters office etc. Or for a person, the mother, sister, company founded and so on. 

Whatever the relationship, Knowledge Panel Hopping is a great way to understand how Google understands the world at this point in time. This “game” is hugely insightful. And if you are building or enhancing a Knowledge Panel for an entity, this is one of the best ways to figure out what the “sweet spots” are for that particular Entity.

Knowledge Panel Hopping is also HUGELY helpful in competitive research. Do this on your competitor’s Knowledge Panel and look at the relationships Google understands. This is obviously a HUGe insight into what could potentially be of interest to you to share with Google in your Knowledge Panel management strategy. 

Kalicube Pro does “pseudo Knowledge Panel Hopping” for you. We can generate a Knowledge Panel Template using your Entity Equivalents  that show you EXACTLY which attributes, information and topicality you need to focus on for your Knowledge Panel. Simple, when you know how.

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