Roam Unveils “The Office of Tomorrow” at Wilton’s Music Hall

Jason Barnard at Roam's "The Office of Tomorrow" launch - live in London! and part of the Panel Discussion

Jason Barnard at Roam’s “The Office of Tomorrow” launch – live in London!


On June 4th, 2024, London’s historic Wilton’s Music Hall set the stage for Roam’s launch of their “The Office of Tomorrow” initiative. This event served as a prelude to the SaaStr Europa conference and was brilliantly organized by Howard Lerman, CEO of Yext, Sam Blond and Jon Buss.

The night was an amazing turnout with over 300 attendees, including founders and notable industry figures, all eager to see what Roam envisions for the future workplace.

Event Overview

The event was a resounding success, showcasing how Roam’s virtual office platform is transforming company culture and productivity. The platform facilitates quick ad-hoc conversations and promotes a more dynamic and connected working environment.

The panel discussion featured Andy Chadwick, an SEO specialist and co-founder of Keyword Insights, Jon Brod, founder & CMO of Roam, Rose Akehurst Managing Director at Vault49 in London, Grahame Cohen, founder & CEO at Epoq Inc. and Jason Barnard, entrepreneur and CEO of Kalicube. Each panelist shared their admiration for Roam’s remarkable features and discussed how the platform is transforming traditional work environments into dynamic, collaborative spaces.

Jason mentioned Kalicube’s team appreciation for Roam’s efforts in creating a seamless virtual office experience for everyone.

What does Team Kalicube like about Roam?

  • Katrina Bonete – Magic Minutes provides detailed and accurate meeting summaries.
  • Joan Atizado – Very user friendly. Navigation is not complicated at all.
  • Leanne Summers – Roam removes the need for long, time sapping meetings.
  • Mary Ann Buarao – Roam saves me time, helps me focus during meetings and not worry about taking notes because I can ask Magic Minutes later.
  • Jean Marie Laurente – It greatly improves communication with my colleagues.
  • Bernadeth Brusola – I can just bump into colleagues in a virtual room and get quick help.
  • Damrey Rizon – It brings the idea of having an “office” even if it’s not a physical office.
  • Amity Bartolome – You can still feel like you are working in the office.
  • Gabrielle Atilano – If someone needs me, they can just knock on the door or chat with me and I can do the same.
  • Moderick Siasat – What I like about Roam is the whiteboard feature. It’s very useful for brainstorming sessions as the interactive images encourage the audience to discuss.

Jason Barnard took center stage and shared how the Kalicube Process has solved digital marketing. He emphasized that Kalicube now focuses on the personal brands of CEOs and company founders to help them become thought leaders and be omnipresent (ubiquitous) to their ideal audience.

Engagements and Interactions

Roam also organized an afterparty for the attendees for fellowship and networking. Jason Barnard was particularly pleased to meet notable guests such as Tim Palmer, CEO and founder of Blue Hat Associates, Julia Collins, co-founder of Truss, Jacqueline Samira, founder and CEO of, Wendi Sturgis CEO of Cleverbridge, and Stephen Gee, co-founder and CEO of Blend.


Overall, Roam’s “The Office of Tomorrow” launch offered a glimpse into the future of work, where technology empowers connection and boosts productivity, paving the way for a new era of business collaboration. It served as an exciting introduction to SaaStr Europa, a conference dedicated to the success of founders and executives in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry.

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