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Brand awareness is the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand under different conditions. It is a key consideration in consumer behavior, advertising management, and brand management. Wikipedia

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  1. Definition of Brand Awareness: Wikipedia provides a comprehensive explanation about the concept of brand awareness.
  2. A Complete Guide to Brand Awareness: this article from Amazon explains about the basics of brand awareness, its importance, how to measure it, and some ways on how helps companies of all sizes grow their businesses.
  3. Boosting your brand online: this article explains about the importance of online brand awareness and  ways on how to increase your brand’s online presence with basic strategies.
  4. Building topical authority and brand awareness: learn from the experts! Jason Barnard with Emilia Gjorgjevska and Matt Artz discussed about positioning your brand and communicating your product benefits through advanced entity analytics – using AI approaches to extract the most relevant entities for your business with or without previous data but also utilize the power of human-based approaches in order to get the full picture for your particular case.
  5. The importance of brand awareness: in this podcast episode, Pamela Lund talks with Jason Barnard on why brand awareness is important.
Who is Your Brand SERP Important to?

Who is Your Brand SERP Important to?

Your Brand SERP is vital to you and your business, of course. It is your “Google Business Card“: what your audience sees when they search your company online. But it…