What Kalicube Offers You Around Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels – Introduction

Hi I’m Jason Barnard. I’m The Brand SERP Guy and in this video I’ll briefly present to you what we at Kalicube have to offer you around Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels. Here’s the list. I’ll give you a second or two to read that.

While you’re reading the list, I’ll explain that a Brand SERP is the search result your audience sees when they Google your name, or the name of your company. But Brand SERPs extend to any Entity – books, films, podcasts, products… so Brand SERPs are incredibly important for absolutely every person, business, podcast, book and product.

Before I go through what Kalicube offers around Brand SERPs and Knowledge Panels, I thought I’d share with you how I became obsessed with Brand SERPs. It all started with a cartoon blue dog !

Back in 2012 I was pitching for work as an SEO consultant, but after meetings with incredibly enthusiastic clients who seemed ready to sign on the dotted line, all too often the clients didn’t sign. Turns out, after the meetings they were googling my name. And my Brand SERP  focused on Boowa, the cartoon blue dog from my previous career. The companies didn’t want to entrust their digital marketing strategy to a cartoon blue dog! So I set about changing my Brand SERP to ensure that Google projected a professional image of me as a digital marker first and foremost. It took me three months, and it worked wonderfully!… I converted more prospects, made a better living and then built a whole career as The Brand SERP Guy 🙂

I now own and run Kalicube – a marketing agency that is pioneering the art and science of Brand SERP optimisation and managing Knowledge Panel management. As you can see, we offer books, an Academy, and a SaaS platform for agencies… not to mention masses of free resources, as you’ll see 🙂

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