Kalicube Team Conference 2024

It’s been a whole year since the Kalicube team first gathered in Cebu for our annual team conference. Now, in 2024, we’re back, STRONGER and more united than ever, for the Kalicube Team Conference to the breathtaking island paradise of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. 

United under the theme “Strengthening communication and collaboration for a better Kalicube,” this four-day event, held from April 16 to 19, isn’t just about basking in the tropical beauty (although, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to?) It was a chance for the Kalicube team to step away from their digital screens and connect on a deeper level designed to foster deeper connections, align efforts, and propel the team towards even greater success. A celebration of the amazing individuals who make Kalicube what it is. Woohoo!

Kalicube Team Conference 2024 was attended by the courageous, smart and fun Jason Barnard, Katrina Bonete, Joan B. Atizado, Allyssa Reyes, Mary Ann Buarao, Maria Victoria Siasat, Jean Marie Laurente, Bernadeth Brusola, Abegail Del Castillo, Moderick Siasat, Isabel Cabatingan, Damrey Rizon, Marc Joshua Bandayrel, Roneil Alejado and Roger Saluta.

Day 1: Team Dinner (with our plus ones)

The official conference began with a warm welcome dinner at Ka Joel’s, (a Filipino restaurant renowned for its delicious food and cozy, homey ambiance.) This family-friendly event provided a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for colleagues and their loved ones to connect over delectable Filipino dishes and lively conversation. It was a heartwarming display of Kalicube’s commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, where families are valued and celebrated.

The delicious feast perfectly complemented the joyful reunion, providing a delightful way to recharge for the exciting agenda that lay ahead. 

Day 2: Kalicube Cupcakes

Day 2 kicked off with a powerful start as Jason Barnard, CEO and founder of Kalicube captivated the team with his insightful presentation of “Cupcake Theory” during his opening remarks. This thought-provoking analogy went beyond a simple metaphor; it served as a roadmap, tracing Kalicube’s journey and evolution over time, highlighting the key factors that contribute to the company’s success.

The Cupcake Theory

“Cupcakes. This is how it works. Rather than trying to build a huge wedding cake, build cupcakes. You have one central cupcake, which is me, and then you build other cupcakes onto it. Make sure they’re feeding into the main cupcake. And this now looks like not a beautiful wedding cake, but a very functional and impressive wedding cake where everybody gets enough cake at the wedding or something along those lines.”

Jason Barnard, CEO and founder of Kalicube

This powerful message resonated deeply with the team, setting the stage for a day dedicated to collaboration, innovation, and achieving shared goals.

“Kalicube Cupcake”(former Kalicube Baby) is a term coined by Jason Barnard which refers to a project that is managed entirely (meaning–100 percent) by one person, allowing them to take full ownership and nurture its growth.

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The Presentation of Cupcakes

Energized by Jason Barnard’s captivating “Cupcake Theory” presentation, team members proudly took turns showcasing their own unique Kalicube cupcake presentations. 

Each presentation highlighted their achievements and vision, solidifying the key takeaways from Jason’s talk. This not only fostered a spirit of collaboration and creativity but also generated a sense of shared pride and ownership that set the stage for a truly inspiring day, leaving everyone motivated and excited to put the “Cupcake Theory” into action.

Awarding Ceremony

The day culminated in a heartwarming award ceremony, celebrating exceptional contributions and individual triumphs with genuine appreciation. Each award recognized not just the achievements, but the dedication, creativity, and collaborative spirit that made them possible. It was a moment that left everyone feeling proud, inspired, and even more connected as a team.

Day 3: Group Masterminds Plus Fun and Games

The Masterminds

Day 3, began with a cornerstone of Kalicube’s internal growth strategy: the “Masterminds” session. This dynamic and collaborative discussion served as a platform for team members to share their diverse knowledge, brainstorm innovative ideas, and collectively push the boundaries of digital marketing excellence.

“Masterminds” is an important quarterly internal activity at Kalicube where team members come together to share insights, brainstorm strategies, and tackle complex challenges empowering the team to deliver exceptional results for clients and the company.

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Fun and Games