Combining the Metaverse with Digital Marketing (Ruan Marinho and Jason Barnard)


How Branded Search and 3D Experiences Can Drive Engagement and Sales – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this short video clip, Ruan Marinho explains how the Metaverse helps with Branded Search and how Branded Search is connected to the Metaverse. By creating engaging 3D experiences that include trending keywords, brands can drive Branded Search and increase their visibility in the Metaverse. He also discusses the opportunity for brands to interact with customers in real time, creating new opportunities for sales and marketing. Watch the video to the end.

  • 00:00 Jason asks questions
  • 00:21 Build a good 3D experience with trending keywords
  • 01:00 Metaverse shows the person and that identity real time instead of analytics

Transcript from How Branded Search and 3D Experiences Can Drive Engagement and Sales – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

Jason Barnard: From that perspective. Absolutely brilliant. The last question then is always the same is about Branded Search. I thought that was a hugely interesting conversation. Now we’re gonna bring it to my favorite topic. Either or both. How can the Metaverse help with Branded Search? How does Branded Search tie in with the Metaverse? Which one or both?

Ruan Marinho: Right now, if you build a good 3D experience and you put a couple of trending keywords on it, people are gonna search you. For example, if Target wanted to build a Metaverse experience and it was tied to something that was interesting and millions of people wanted to visit it, that’s going to bring up Target’s brand search immediately because it’s new.

The second question, How does Branded Search tie in with the Metaverse? If they think about it this way, Right now, when somebody visits a website, you just see a number on analytics. So if I visit your website, Jason, you’re gonna see that I visited your website, I’m gonna be a number, whereas the Metaverse you’re actually “seeing that person and that identity in your experience real time”.

You’re actually gonna be interact with that, number one, instead of just seeing it as a data set. This is very far from now especially from the general population. But when you enter one of our metaverse experiences, I’m not seeing you as a hit to the server. I’m actually seeing your identity and you’re giving me the right to talk to you if you raise your hand to do it, right? I think it’s gonna change the way we do sales and marketing persuasion and website marketing digital marketing dramatically.

Jason Barnard: Which means that brand becomes even more important in the sense that brand we trust we will share information. We will put our hand up and agree to discuss with them. That’s absolutely brilliant!

This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the Branded Search (and Beyond) Podcast with Jason Barnard.”

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